How to get credit without opening an account?

Find out how to get a loan without opening a bank account, just getting financing to make a project a reality.

Credit and account opening

Credit and account opening

When a person wishes to finance a project, he will seek financing from banking establishments. If this project is not linked to a real estate acquisition and his need is less than 75,000 dollars, this candidate will turn to consumer credit. Most credit institutions will not require the opening of a bank account, unless the bank wishes to repatriate the accounts within its branch. Indeed, some banks offer very attractive promotional offers in order to attract new customers, this credit offer will therefore be accompanied by the opening of a current bank account. Simply, opening an account is absolutely not an obligation in the context of a consumer loan.

Note that it is not mandatory for a home loan, a law dating from 1 January 2018 states that a bank must justify preferential terms as part of its mortgage contract offer to warrant a debit bank accounts. This legislation obviously only concerns the mortgage, for consumer credit, the borrower can direct his steps towards the establishment of his choice, with or without opening an account.

Compare credit offers without opening an account

Compare credit offers without opening an account

Different laws have made it possible to regulate consumer credit and above all to offer simpler formalities to consumers. There is in particular the possibility of better comparing the proposals of credit institutions and banks. A borrower has several solutions to obtain a consumer loan, he can direct his steps towards a traditional bank agency, he can also turn to a specialized credit organization or trust a broker. The idea is quite simply to make competition to obtain at least three credit proposals, this making it possible to make the best choice and to take advantage of advantageous conditions.

The consumer credit solution is perfectly suited to finance a project when the borrower’s capacity is consistent, that is to say below the debt threshold of 33%. When the latter already has credits in progress, it may be more appropriate to move towards a loan for grouping credits, that is to say an operation allowing him to redeem his credits in progress and add the amount needed to finance his new project. Again, a comparison can be made by the borrower.

Simulate and compare loan offers without current account

Simulate and compare loan offers without current account

As opening a current account is not an obligation, it is important to focus on finding the best consumer loan offer based on your situation and the need to finance. It is therefore strongly advised to use a consumer credit simulation to obtain several offers and financing estimates. It is a free and non-binding service.

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