2015 Innovation By Design Awards: New 3D Design category thanks to Inside 3D Printing & Fast Company – 3DPrint.com

Inside 3D Printing and Fast Company are allowing 3D printing challengers to participate in this year’s Innovation By Design Awards competition. Entries will be judged on:

  • Functionality
  • Originality
  • Beauty
  • Durability
  • Depth
  • Cultural impact
  • Business impact

aThe idea is, obviously, to impress the judges with 3D design innovation, but they’re also certainly interested in how it applies to the business angle.

Although the judges are proficient in design, they have also extended this experience to business experience. Designers and companies are judged on their efforts to create progressive products that work for today’s applications, but also look to the future with strength and ambition. You must be engaged with a forward-thinking attitude by entering this competition, which is now in its fourth year.

With a deadline of May 13, you’ll want to crack to enter your fabulous creations, which could earn you a spot in the October issue of fast business magazine, which has a circulation of 725,000 copies, as well as a prominent place on Co.Design, a site which receives 4.2 million visits per month. The winners will also be “celebrated” in New York at the magazine’s 20th anniversary event in November.

The judges for the 3D design category will be:

  • Bre Pettis from Bold Machines
  • Carl Bass from Autodesk
  • Material Connection’s Andrew Dent
  • Noah Robischon, fast businessChief Editor of

ThreeThe general entry fee is $125, but is reduced to $50 for students ready to grab their breakthrough 3D designs. With your fee comes a subscription to fast business, a $19 value. The files are uploaded to the contest entry site. Entrants are permitted to submit multiple designs, with separate entry forms for each design. You can also enter each design into multiple categories, if applicable.

4cONiOi4With 14 innovative design categories in total, other highlights are mobile application categories providing access to an interactive world on modern platforms, urban solutions offering urban improvements, fashion designs and smart home designs that allow our appliances and other home electronics to work with us on a more intuitive level. There’s also a category specifically for students, so they can take part in a project they recently completed, or even go back to projects from two years ago. Watch the video below for last year’s student winner.

These are just a few, but they can often relate to 3D design and 3D printing as well. With the ability to enter multiple categories, you can find inspiration by checking out what the judges are looking for further down in the contest details.

Is this a 3D design contest you want to enter? Tell us about it in the discussion thread of the Innovation By Design Awards 2015 forum on 3DPB.com.