3D modeling applications tend to look like extremely complex engineering tools. Well, that’s because, for the most part, they are! However, a New York-based startup, The Inventery, has now released a user-friendly and responsive touchscreen 3D modeling app designed for iPads called Morphi. Using out-of-the-box shapes, models and modification tools,Read More →

March 25, 2016, USA: 3D technology fever is booming these days with almost every segment opting for this technology. The newest entry on the list is the pharmaceutical industry. So far, a company called Aprecia Pharamceuticals has produced the only 3D-printed drug to be FDA-approved. This week, Aprecia also becomesRead More →

ORLANDO, Florida, March 1, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — SME and its RAPID event worked with Lockheed Martin, FARO Technologies, Inc., Direct Dimensions, Inc., Met-L-Flo, Inc., Florida Institute of Technology and Cincinnati Inc. to take the first-ever 3D scan of the Orion Crew Module, which will later be 3D printed in small-scaleRead More →