The Core Curriculum of the Dean’s General Studies Program at Qatar University (QU) introduced a number of initiatives during the 2020/2021 academic year to support the university’s strategy for innovation and digital transformation. Among the initiatives implemented by the program is the integration of 3D design and printing technology intoRead More →

For some people, dinner is a dull affair, albeit a convenient one. The elderly and those with dysphagia, who struggle to swallow, often have compound foods. It helps swallowing but doesn’t taste or look appetizing. “It doesn’t have to be that way,” thought Peter Nieuwkerk, owner of the Budelpack GroupRead More →

The solution is based on the NCERT and aligned with the CBSE and ICSE cards and is available for grades 10 to 12. Saras-3D, Inc, a start-up of technology innovators and educators, today announced the launch of its innovative, patent-pending learning solution, Genius 3D Learning. Genius 3D Learning is India’sRead More →

An international team of researchers has developed self-assembling, stable and resistant nanographene wires. The team set out to synthesize endlessly curved and stacked nanographene, like chips in a cardboard box, which can be assembled into nanowires. Efficiently stacked hydrocarbon wires have the potential to be used as a variety ofRead More →