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Best game of 2016, here. [Image: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]

I will not say that 2016 was not the most splendid year. While no year – no month, not even day – is free from violence and tragedy across the world, there seems to have been an excess in the past year. Politics have reached absurd levels in more than one country, and every good celebrity has died. Okay, not all of them, but 2016 seemed particularly brutal, carefully marked by the losses of David Bowie and Carrie Fisher. Go on.

As the media and the internet community at large (often hilariously) ran around the topic of “good riddance, 2016” as the New Year approached, I also noticed the emergence of several opinion pieces from us. urging everyone to think about the good things that happened in 2016, because for a lot of people there was still a lot to be thankful for. I can personally report a few highlights, and one of them was that my beloved The Cleveland Cavaliers won the world championship for the first time in history.


[Image: Cleveland Cavaliers]

If you’re not a sports nut – or an obsessive, resentful Ohioan – you might not know how long a great Cleveland sports team hasn’t won a championship, but it’s been a long time, long time. In fact, half a century long, therefore, the Cavs’ victory over the Golden State Warriors was a huge deal and a shining point for Cleveland.

And speaking of shining brilliantly, have you seen those championship rings? They are fascinating – and gigantic. In fact, these are the heaviest NBA championship rings ever made, weighing 165 grams, and each contains over 400 diamonds. A piece of jewelry like this takes a lot of work to make. I had never thought about the way championship rings were made before (for no reason in my whole life), but the process that Baron’s Championship Rings used to make their glittering jewelry is fascinating and relies heavily on 3D printing.

cavs-twitter-ad-67ddea73773c87239670e89bffeb64a7_originalThe company recently released a video showing how the Cavs’ championship ring was designed; you can watch it below. Creating a championship ring is no easy task; there is an immense amount of detail in the design. The design not only includes the year, name and team logo, but is personalized for each player with name and number, and includes many other details like the engraving of the skyline of the city.

So how do you integrate all of these meticulous details into one piece of jewelry – and in a reasonable amount of time? Using 3D printing, of course. Once the design is sketched, it is then made into a 3D model and printed with wax, which is used to cast the final metal part. Baron has been using 3D printing in its manufacturing process for some time now, and the technology has many benefits, the company says.


According to Baron, 3D printing speeds up production by 30% without compromising design details or integrity. While older processes require the rings to be made in multiple pieces and in standard sizes, resulting in the need for resizing and a tendency for shape warping. With 3D printing, each ring can be made as one piece and in custom sizes, with no limit to the level of detail and customization that can be offered.

“In the last few years there have been great advancements in technology, and … using 3D printing really allows you to break the norm even more than before,” says the designer of the ring in the video. “It lets you do pretty much whatever comes to mind right now. You are no longer limited to attacking design from a single dimension. You are allowed to spin it; you are allowed to think inside out, inside out, whatever it takes to get the perfect ring.

And the Cavs’ championship ring is pretty perfect, in my opinion. Chat in the Cavs Championship forum on 3DPB.com.