3D design, production for everyone at Istanbul’s new technology center


In the past, when you wanted to develop a 3D production or make a prototype in Turkey, the only places available were industrial areas. However, the digital design and production center that opened at Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) Arı Technokent last week has prepared an environment that can provide almost all types of digital printing in Turkey and offers information on digital printing.

Çınar Topaloğlu, co-founder of Tridi, operator of the İTÜ Magnet Fab center, which was opened with the support of the Istanbul Development Agency (İSTKA), provided information on the functioning of this center.

“There are two basic service models. The first includes digital production and design activities. As part of these services, we offer support to users in the areas of industrial design, 3D printing, silicon molding and laser cutting. We have over 20 material options. as part of the centre’s 3D printing service. It is possible to produce any type of product in all fields, from student to entrepreneurship, from art to industrial enterprises thanks to equipment, methods and materials. The second model is Tridi Co-Fabrication. We present a physical environment where people can develop their own prototypes and which includes the necessary equipment and facilities during the production development process. Training on the use of the equipment is provided. In addition, those who work in this field can find everything they need in the store in the center. Thus, it is possible to develop products quickly in solidarity and sharing without being interrupted and without wasting time “, he said.

Tridi’s office space which operates at Ä°TÃœ Magnet Fab Center.

Emphasizing the location of the center at İTÜ Arı Technokent, which is a pioneer of entrepreneurs, and its support of İSTKA, Topaloğlu noted that affordable digital technology will be sustainable in the future through this process. Topaloğlu added, “We will provide free and affordable services to businesses, entrepreneurs and students through public support.

Associate Professor Deniz Tunçalp, General Manager of Ä°TÃœ Arı Technokent, which hosts Ä°TÃœ Magnet Fab-Tiridi Center, also pointed out: As Ä°TÃœ Arı Technokent, we started with the support of Ä°STKA, saying that we should have a production center that meets these needs with the latest technologies and modern physical infrastructure, and which all businesses and entrepreneurs should benefit from. center, we aim to add value to a wide variety of medium and small industries as well as to assist students and individual users in the periods of prototyping and pre-series production. “

Support from the development bank

In İTÜ Magnet digital design and production center, there are a total of 27 3D printers, two laser cutting machines, four CNC machines, one silicone molding machine, one electronic circuit printer, one sander, one vacuum thermoforming machine, two lathes, a desktop milling machine and a spray booth.

It is expected that over 1,000 prototypes will be created and over 500 industrial design projects will be carried out in the center, a space that integrates joint work and production with a large machinery section including 3D printers, lasers, CNC machines and silicone molding machines.

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