3D design with WELS from Winsted

Whether you’re watching CCTV from traffic control cameras, monitoring traffic pattern maps, or controlling dynamic traffic signs, a Winsted control console will meet your unique technical and aesthetic requirements. Exceed them, in fact.

Over 55 years of design improvements have resulted in the most ergonomic workstations in our industry. Control rooms play an important role in today’s transportation hubs. Complete concentration is a necessity. Winsted consoles are more than well suited for traffic management functions and security operations within our transportation infrastructure. Keeping the workspace distraction-free and under control helps operators perform at their best.

A technical furniture system of intelligent ergonomics becomes an extension of body and mind. It creates freedom – the freedom to be your most productive.

A well-constructed control room is an extension of the operator, providing optimal support through purposeful design and state-of-the-art technology. Control room furniture plays an important role in reducing distractions and maximizing concentration.

If you are expanding or updating a control room, you should assess the size of the room, the number of operators, and the technical needs (eg monitors, table space, etc.). You can start this assessment and your design process using tools such as Winsted’s free WELS 3D design software.

WELS is the most advanced user-friendly program that allows control room managers to quickly design a solution that meets their needs. WELS is easy to use and requires no additional design/CAD software to operate.

Learn more about WELS and download here: https://www.winsted.com/wels-software/

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