3D Printing Briefs, May 28, 2022: Metal 3D Printer, Machine Learning, and More – 3DPrint.com

We begin today’s 3D printing briefs with a new system announcement, as Farsoon has just introduced its FS200M×2 platform to the AMEA and North American market. Next, Senvol and Northrop Grumman together presented at RAPID on the use of machine learning to improve process parameter optimization. Finally, United Performance Metals announced a new Additive Manufacturing Solutions Center, and a new Innovation Center for Advanced Materials and Digitization was established by TWI and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Farsoon presents the new FS200M×2 metal 3D printer

Farsoon Technologies has introduced the latest addition to its mid-size metal LPBF range, the FS200M×2 platform, featuring a powerful 500 watt dual laser configuration and a build volume of 425 x 230 x 300 mm. The company says the versatile, compact printer offers maximized productivity and turnaround rates, and is well suited for mid- to high-volume metal series production and prototyping. The FS200Mx2 is an open system, like all of Farsoon’s printers, and features advanced calibration algorithms, an efficient top-feed powder system, high build volume rate, and a integrated two-stage filter module that provides back-flushing functionality for longer filter life and repeatable part quality. Additionally, its unique coating blade design and advanced gas flow layout help ensure uniform part properties, and in-chamber cameras monitor and record layer-to-layer data; If a build error or short feed is detected, the software will automatically pause the build or overlay.

“Farsoon’s FS200M is a high value metal system that targets productivity, cost effectiveness and ease of use for a wide range of industrial applications,” said Don Xu, Director of Farsoon Global Business Group and Managing Director of Farsoon Americas Corp. “The rectangular build chamber is well suited for manufacturing large parts that favor one axis, such as aerospace, automotive, and tooling applications.”

Senvol and Northrop Grumman talk machine learning for process parameters

At last week’s RAPID+ TCT in Detroit, Senvol President Zach Simkin and Tayelor McKay, Senior Additive Manufacturing Engineer at Northrop Grumman, spoke during a presentation on “Improving the optimization of process parameters using machine learning”. The briefing focused on the technical results of a recently completed America Makes program on developing process parameters using machine learning, and a side-by-side comparison showed how a machine learning-based approach was more accurate. than a traditional approach. There were 219,856 different possible parameter combinations to choose from in the program, and the partners used Senvol’s AM machine learning software, Senvol ML, for optimal selection of parameters that could meet multiple performance requirements. The end of the project was a validation build, which demonstrated the success of the ML-enabled approach to choosing the best sets of process parameters.

“In summary, this presentation explained how the machine learning approach is different from traditional approaches, detailed the technical results of this program, and walked the audience through the steps a user can take to quickly find the optimal parameters while minimizing data generation time and costs,” Senvol wrote.

United Performance Metals Unveils New AM Solutions Center

United Performance Metals (UPM), based in Cincinnati, Ohio, which offers best-in-class specialty metals solutions from its facilities around the world, recently announced the unveiling of its new Additive Manufacturing Solutions Center in Hamilton, Ohio. UPM is an affiliate of O’Neal Industries and offers a wide range of high performance metals and alloys, in addition to customized supply chain solutions, quality approvals and FIRSTCUT+® processing services for the market of AF. From its new factory in Hamilton, UPM will supply new build plates in stainless steel, nickel and titanium to suit any machine or size.

“We are delighted to launch our new innovative additives plant as it builds on our history of providing specialist solutions and services to the world’s most innovative companies. We have worked hard over the past two years to build this facility and the customer feedback has been amazing. We are humbled and honored by the response from customers and adding resources and capabilities to meet their ever-changing needs,” said JJ Johnson, General Manager of UPM’s new Additive Manufacturing Solutions Factory.

TWI and Manchester Metropolitan University Create Innovation Center

Finally, Manchester Metropolitan University and engineering research and technology organization TWI have launched a joint initiative focusing on the circular economy, digitalisation, advanced coatings and materials and additive manufacturing. As part of this initiative, the two have established a new Advanced Materials and Digitalization Innovation Center (AMDIC). As part of this collaboration, a multidisciplinary group of experts will work together on R&D projects that combine disruptive technologies, such as AM, with commercial and market potential. The new center will complement and build on ongoing research at the university, and some of the specific technological and industrial areas and challenges that will be addressed at the center include the design and engineering of new concepts and materials to make technologies of profitable hydrogen. competitive, creating innovations in digital manufacturing, product design and development of new AM materials with a circular economy approach, and more.

“Sustainability is at the heart of our university. We are already working with businesses to shape the capabilities and technologies needed to deliver a net zero economy and help those businesses achieve their sustainability goals,” said Professor Andy Gibson, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Science and Technology. Engineering, Manchester Metropolitan University. . “The Advanced Materials and Digitalization Innovation Center will enable our impactful research to identify innovative ways to protect the environment and contribute to both economic growth and sustainable industries.”