3D Technology Enables Greater Denture Production and Faster Installation, Says KJ

KLANG: An average of 300 dental prostheses can be expected to be produced each month as part of a pilot project on the production of prostheses using 3D technology, explains Khairy Jamaluddin.

The Minister of Health said this was achievable with 3D technology, as the current conventional method can now only produce an average of 90 prostheses per month.

He added that the frequency of patient visits to fit their prostheses can also be reduced to two visits compared to five visits using conventional methods.

Currently, two government clinics – Kuala Lumpur Dental Clinic and Bandar Botanik Dental Clinic – are in the proof of concept phase of the project.

“In 2020, 44% of seniors who presented to Department of Health facilities received dentures in about three months.

“In total, 531 of our dental laboratories still produce prostheses in the conventional way.

“But with 3D technology, dentures can be made in just three hours, from the scanning phase to the printing and cleaning phase,” Khairy told media after observing the pilot project at Bandar Dental Clinic. Botanik here.

He added that the pilot project will not only test the number of prostheses produced, but also the suitability and patient satisfaction.

“We want patients to be comfortable and the quality to be on par with conventional prostheses.

“If our patients can assure themselves that they are comfortable and the healthcare worker assures that the quality is equal to or better than conventional dentures, then we can consider expanding the project,” said he declared.

For the pilot project, the ministry signed a memorandum of understanding with two companies to equip the two dental clinics with 3D technology equipment and software as well as trainers.

The project started on August 15 and will end on November 15.