3D technology is changing the face of dentures and implants

Dental implants are becoming more affordable with new digital scanning technologies being made available to patients. Affordable Dentures and Implants, located in Phillip, is leading the way in the ACT region and providing affordable – and comfortable – solutions for dentures and implant procedures that were once out of reach for many patients.

Dental implant treatments are also less invasive with increased precision and efficiency, revolutionizing the way patients receive their new healthy smile, says Leif Svensson, Clinical Director of Affordable Prosthetics and Implants.

Having performed more than 3,000 digital scans himself, Svensson says “the digital process is much more comfortable for our patients and allows patients to fit implants and dentures better, faster and at a lower cost.”

Over 1,000 images of your teeth are taken in less than a second, using a 3D digital scanner not much bigger than your electric toothbrush. The precision is impeccable. These images are then transformed into cosmetic implant teeth or dentures in far fewer appointments. And for patients who can’t stand gooey impression molds, it’s a real game-changer in the comfort department.

“Because the digital capture process is shorter than the traditional process, patient appointments have been cut in half in many cases, making implant and denture treatments more affordable and much more comfortable. “, explains Svensson.

“Positive outcomes have improved dramatically for implant treatments with digital implant planning at Affordable Dentures and Implants.”

In addition to providing patients with a more comfortable experience, the precision and speed of revolutionary 3D technology also translates into better-fitting and more affordable dental implants and dentures.

The digital implementation steps are now so amazing. The digital scan is combined with your x-ray and the implant surgeons are able to do mock surgery to determine the best implant size and bone quality. From this step, a 3D printed guide is built which is used on the day of surgery to guide the surgeon to place the implant in the correct place.

With the average Australian adult reportedly missing 4.5 teeth, missing teeth can affect your ability to speak, eat and smile, affecting a person’s quality of life. The experienced team at Affordable Dentures and Implants only focus on replacing missing teeth, which means you can continue to see your regular dentist.

When asked what is the key to the success of this clinic, Svensson’s answer is simple: “We don’t do cleanings, fillings or general dental work. We only do tooth replacement treatments, so you might say, well yeah, we’ve gotten really good at that.”

“With a number of payment plans and health fund options available, we really try to give our patients every option possible to smile and eat their best.”

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