3ders.org – The French 3D design studio Le FabShop is closing its doors after 4 years

Jul 28, 2016 | By Tess

Le FabShop, the French 3D print design studio that brought us a number of great 3D printable home decor pieces, fun trinkets and useful tools, has sadly just announced its liquidation. After 18 months of raising funds and looking for investors, the design studio is forced to close its doors and liquidate its assets after being in receivership for almost a year.

Bertier Luyt, who founded Le FabShop in 2012 in Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes, made the announcement on July 27 in an emotional blog post. The company, which employed a number of talented 3D designers and makers such as Canadian Samuel N. Bernier, was not only responsible for a number of innovative, stylish and often fun designs, but pioneered in the introduction of 3D printing technologies in France. and European markets.

The sole distributor of MakerBot 3D printers in France, Le FabShop had been suffering financially for some time (due to the 3D printing company’s extremely despised printer model) and decided to focus its efforts on 3D design and innovations in other areas. And if the creations offered by Le FabShop are undeniably impressive, like their 3D printed Paris lampthis adorable laptop for kidsand a host of other coins, the company was unfortunately unable to recover from its losses.

As Luyt explains in his blog post, “Today we are writing the last pages of FabShop history with our heads held high. However, there will always be a number of traces of our journey, such as 3D models, books, ideas… I thank all those who have supported us for months, those who have reached out to us with possible solutions and those who called to check in.”

As the design studio sadly closes its doors after 4 years of hard work, Luyt is not worried about his employees whose talents and hard work will surely lead them to other fulfilling jobs within the design industry. 3D printing. For the moment, we don’t know what will happen to the Maker Faire in Paris, for which Le FabShop held the license.

We at 3Ders are big believers in FabShop work and designs and, like Bertier Luyt, we have no doubt that the FabShop team will go on to bigger and better things. To pay tribute to the French pioneers of 3D printing, we invite you to discover some of the best 3D printed designs from the FabShop (all open-source of course!) and innovative ideas.

Don’t forget to take a look at the Thingiverse of the FabShop page for more.

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