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September 6, 2016 | By Tess

Wacom, a global manufacturer of advanced interactive pen tablets, has just introduced its latest product: the Intuos 3D tablet. The new product is specifically designed to make 3D modeling and design easier for users, and was created in association with established 3D design and printing companies such as PixologicalShapeways and Sketchfab.

Intuos 3D is essentially an interactive tablet, compatible with PC or Mac computers, which allows users to easily and efficiently create 3D models ready for 3D printing. In other words, the new product offers an “all-inclusive 3D solution” that provides designers and manufacturers with all the software and tools needed for 3D design. To get started, all you need to do is plug in your tablet via USB, install the driver from the web, and register your product. The best part about the Intuos 3D: it will only cost you $199.95.

For the development of the product, the Japanese company Wacom called on a number of companies to make Intuos 3D as complete a design tool as possible. For example, the tablet and stylus work seamlessly with Pixologic’s ZBrushCore software, a 3D design program used by many major film and game studios. According to Wacom, the Intuous 3D stylus, which boasts battery-free, wireless and pressure-sensitive stylus, works with ZBrushCore to mimic the feel and feedback of real drawing and design tools such as brushes, markers or even ceramic tools. .

Jaime Labelle, COO of Pixologic, Inc., said of the partnership, “Working with Wacom, we have been able to develop cutting-edge 3D design software optimized for the Intuos tablet that is sure to delight 3D enthusiasts. We look forward to seeing all the great work this partnership is helping to develop. »

In addition to the Pixologic collaboration, Intuos 3D tablet users will also benefit from an integrated on-demand 3D printing option via Shapeways, and can easily publish their 3D models to Sketchfab’s online 3D model sharing platform. . Intuos 3D owners will receive a downloadable version of Pixologic’s ZBrushCore software, along with a number of specials and offers from Shapeways and Sketchfab.

“As 3D design and DIY printing have become extremely popular, Wacom determined that there was an opportunity to enhance the creative design process and provide a complete solution designed specifically for 3D enthusiasts, especially those just getting started,” said Jeff Mandell, executive vice president of branding for Wacom. “Wacom’s holistic approach delivers a complete customer experience, from ideation to visual creation to physical creation. For years, top creative professionals in industrial, product, fashion and gaming design have used our award-winning products for their 3D work, and we’ve felt it. It was time for us to share our know-how with those who wanted to get into 3D.

The innovative 3D design tool will be available for purchase from a number of retailers (including Amazon and the Wacom eStore) by the end of October. As mentioned, Intuos 3D will retail for $199.95 and, in addition to its extras, will include the 3D tablet and pressure-sensitive pen.

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Shaun wrote on 9/30/2016 at 7:27:28:

It’s a lie and you know it. The tablet and the software work on all versions of Windows from Vista to Windows 10. You don’t need a new tablet for Windows 10.

Anonymous wrote on 9/30/2016 at 7:26:32 PM:

It’s a lie and you know it. The tablet and the software work on all versions of Windows from Vista to Windows 10. You don’t need a new tablet for Windows 10.

Shane wrote on 9/7/2016 8:57:38 PM:

I will never buy another Wacom product. I bought a tablet that couldn’t upgrade to Win 10 in a year. They didn’t tell me that, they just let me do it and when it had to wipe all my data and the touch screen function was broken, they instructed me to fix it. Terrible customer experience. This is completely pointless!!!