Accrington and Rossendale College’s partnership with 3D printing housing project attracts national attention

Accrington and Rossendale College have worked closely with HTL tech, COBOD and Building for Humanity in an exciting partnership that is sure to have a hugely positive impact on the local and ultimately global community.

HTL tech has worked alongside COBOD to develop exciting and innovative new technology that will streamline and make modern housing construction more efficient, cost effective and sustainable. This technology will be commercialized for the first time in the UK, as it is used to build a proposed £6 million eco-estate for homeless veterans and low-income families right here in Accrington.

The partnership and technological developments being made at the Hyndburn-based college have garnered national media attention from various news outlets. Last night our Deputy Director for Adult Learning at Nelson and Colne College Group, Andy Parkin, performed alongside Justin Kinsella from HTL and Scott Moon from Building for Humanities, on BBC’s North West Tonight .

Although already used in Germany and the United States, the use of 3D printing in housing construction is a first in the United Kingdom. The importance of this technology in the midst of a cost of living crisis, housing shortage and global environmental issues is unparalleled.

The structure of a one-story house can be erected in less than a day using this innovative technology, and according to Justin Kinsella of HTL tech, this approach to construction will result in higher quality housing than traditional building methods. Kinsella States; “The technology we use allows us to achieve the same resistance as a traditional block in 12 hours”.

“Our primary goal is to provide more affordable housing that can be delivered in a faster time frame than currently possible and in a more sustainable way, using materials very efficiently with incorporated low carbon ingredients to the concrete.” Justin added.

We at Nelson and Colne College Group are immensely proud of this partnership and the incredibly positive impact it should have on the local community. We look forward to seeing how far this technology can go with further research and development and believe that 3D concrete printing will revolutionize the global approach to housing and construction.

If you would like to see Accrington and Rossendale College on yesterday’s episode of BBC North West Tonight, please click here and head towards the 17:30 minute mark.