AnkerMake M5 3D printer review: Printing under the watchful eye of AI

The base of the 3D printer consists of a cast iron plate with milled guides and threads on which all other components are mounted. This is the reason for the heavy weight of the AnkerMake M5, as the 3D printer tips the scales at over 10 kg (22 pounds). This solid construction ensures high levels of sturdiness and, in turn, facilitates high speeds and accelerations.

A look under the large base cover reveals top-notch cable management. Each component and cable has its own fixed place. Some parts of the AnkerMake M5 motherboard are cooled via a small fan.

Regarding the connection to the motherboard, Anker has used, among other things, USB-C ports and cables. This connection is known to be durable and as such can be considered a good choice. Other than that, wear resistant JST connectors can be found on the board.

A polygonal shape helps stabilize the arch pillars through which the cable feeds the printhead and control unit, with its integrated touchscreen. On the right side of the printer, an RGB light bar serves as a status indicator. Different colors of light indicate if the printer is heating up, printing or if there is an error.

The crosshead on which the AnkerMake M5 printhead rotates is driven by two T8 threaded spindles. They both operate independently of each other and are positioned individually during the SEO process.