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Impact on Manufacturing: Rising Entertainment Consumption Drives Demand for 3D Animated Content

The increased demand for the technology from several industrial sectors due to the increasing use of simulation in the design of industrial tools by OEMs has facilitated the penetration of 3D animation solutions in the world.

Why the binder spray?

In addition to being fast and capable of fabricating complex shapes, binder projection systems are also incredibly precise.

Dynamic micro-CT: moving from 3D to 4D

In general, dynamic micro-CT is ideal for obtaining much more comprehensive 3D information throughout a process and provides researchers with a laboratory capacity to collect data during testing without discrete interruptions, true in situ testing.

The model-based business as a trigger for digital transformation

When it comes to industrial and manufacturing design and engineering, here we are talking about a slow-paced movement from 2D drawings to 3D models which are certainly more informative, easier to use, and more adaptable to change.

3D modeling technique for the accelerated production of face masks

Using stacked model data, the technique can dramatically increase 3D printing output, helping to produce face shields for healthcare workers battling COVID-19.

CRP technology and Windform® materials for 3D printing drive the AM revolution

Some of the most advanced industries – like the automotive industry – are experiencing an unprecedented renaissance, prompting engineers to find new, innovative and cost-effective solutions primarily using professional 3D printing.

MODEX Q&A – Emulate3D

This year at MODEX, we will be focusing on CAD Is The Model technology, which allows system designers to annotate their solutions in SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor and create articulated and dynamic systems for emulation testing. Booth # 7869

Case Study: Phase Four Launches Scalable Electric Propulsion (EP) System With Xometry

This innovative California-based aerospace company is revolutionizing space exploration with Maxwell, its mass-produced EP system. Xometry is the build platform that brings its exoskeleton to life from its 12-page drawing.

Q&A GE Additive & Kaspar Schulz – Additive manufacturing: there is always something coming up!

This year we wanted to go further and explore the potential that additive technology could have on the brewing and beverage industry.

Rockwell Automation Acquires Emulate3D, a Leading Software Developer for Simulating and Emulating Industrial Automation Systems

The software portfolio integrates automation software with a 3D CAD model, allowing customers to virtually test machine and system designs

Onshape Partners With Magic Leap For New Spatial Computing CAD Application

New product design app to deliver collaborative live 3D CAD editing, not just visualization

Redefining Product Development Using Cutting-Edge 3D Metrology Solutions

How GE Appliances uses ATOS 3D scanners, TRITOP photogrammetry and automated ScanBox technology to solve engineering problems.

Double Business Office service with large format 3D printing capability

A leading Bay Area 3D printing service office uses a WorkSeries 3DP printer for large-scale output that educates customers and drives dramatic business growth.


3D printing has been a game-changer when it comes to making literally anything. In particular, it has had a huge impact on additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping.

UL and Tooling U-SME Finalize Partnership on Professional Additive Manufacturing Certification Programs

This formal agreement follows the successful pilot of the Additive Manufacturing Fundamentals Certification Program at two of the industry’s leading additive manufacturing and 3D printing events.

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TURCK - A safer and more efficient industrial network

TURCK – A safer and more efficient industrial network

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