Bharat Fitz Werner enters the metal 3D printing market with a DED machine

Indian CNC Machinery Manufacturing Bharat Fritz Werner (BFW) announced the launch of its PHOTON 4000G Laser-DED machine.

After installing over 50,000 subtractive manufacturing machines worldwide, BFW entered the DED metal additive manufacturing market in September 2021 and will make its PHOTON 4000G machine available from January 2023 at an MSRP of 1,990,000 EUR.

BFW has developed the PHOTON 4000G machine to enable the additive manufacturing of large metal alloy components in the Aerospace, Defense, Oil & Gas, Power, Mining and Heavy Industries sectors. It will install machines at its Dr Abdul Kalam Center of Excellence in Bangalore for contract manufacturing and support sales of the machines in India and globally. The machine includes a 36 cubic meter hermetically sealed Argon chamber, a 10.4 cubic meter part build envelope, a dual deposition head on a dual ram gantry for powder and wire deposition, and a laser 6 kW fiber with a beam splitter to direct variable power to both. heads.

“Most of the systems currently installed are in laboratories or light industrial applications; many are “Do It Yourself” systems; many are underpowered, undersized or overpriced systems; many are idle or underutilized, with few vendors and users having the hands-on experience to optimally utilize this technology and reduce ‘time to value’,” commented Ashok H. Varma, EVP & Global Leader of Additive Manufacturing at BFW. “At BFW, we believe we will be instrumental in bridging the gap between supply and demand for large, very large and huge 3D printed parts using laser powder and laser wire metal deposition. , for freeform fabrication and thin/heavy coatings/repairs. .”

BFW also announced that it will deploy several other DED machine models, including the Photon 2500 and Photon 1000, with gantry and robot systems for in-situ repair and hybrid additive manufacturing setups.

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