Builders’ Merchants News – W. Howard 3D Technology Offers Custom Profile Options

W. Howard Group customers can now create custom profiles of any skirting board, architrave, window panel, door liner or any other MDF product.

W. Howard Group has installed an advanced 3D printer that can be used to create complex 3D models; which means customers can see, touch and feel any unique profile concept right from the start of the design to ensure they are completely satisfied with it before making a purchase.

The 3D model is created from a digital file, layering extremely thin layers of additives until the object is complete. This technology means that W. Howard Group can create a physical model of any profile faster and using fewer materials than traditional jig manufacturing methods, making it better for the environment, cheaper and more. convenient for W.Howard Group customers.

Simon Fleet, Group Commercial Director, said: “This latest investment in our technology and manufacturing processes is the next step in our development plans as we continue to grow the business. Any client looking to create a bespoke profile for a special project can come and see us and we will print a 3D model for them to review.

“It gives them confidence that the profile is exactly what they want before they order them for manufacturing. It’s another way to go the extra mile to support our customers, and we’re sure they’ll appreciate this extra service.

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