Burrton BOE hears demand for 3D printer and senior travel – Harvey County Now

By Michelle Blanchette

Harvey County Special Now

BURRTON—Burrton High School sophomore Colton Robinson started the Nov. 14 school board meeting by handing out items he had 3D printed to board members so they could have a practical example of what he offers would be a good addition to the school.

“You can print just about anything you want, regardless of size,” Robinson said. “There are millions of ideas you can do.”

He showed them half of a submarine that you print out in small files and then combine at the end. The submarine can actually be submerged in water when finished. They can also print items with moving parts.

“We plan to do Burrton-branded products,” he said. “We hope this will help improve the number of children here learning through technology and improve life.”

The printers use plastic filaments which can be purchased wholesale from Amazon. You can even make your own filament from plastic bottles if you have the right tools.

“One of their ideas going forward is to reboot or start a store and so that might be something they’ll use to make those things as well,” Superintendent Kara Schwindt added.

Also during the meeting, Elders Cassie Dunlavy and Macy Boese gave an impressive PowerPoint presentation detailing their plans for the Elders trip in May. Seven seniors plan to travel to Frontier City on May 5 with two sponsors.

They will spend the night at “The Tuxedo Farmhouse”. It has four bedrooms with 12 beds so everyone has their own bed. They still decide whether to add a trip to the Aquarium or a trip to the Science Museum, but both figures were included in their presentation.

Their proposal came in under budget with the funds they currently have, which does not include some funds that have not yet been deposited. There would still be funds to fund their legacy. The board approved the exit with a 5-0 vote.

KAYS sponsor Kara Sorenson approached Principal Tyler Hoopes to raise money for the military by hosting a hat week. Hats aren’t allowed to be worn in school normally, but last week, “Every kid who wanted to wear a hat paid $10 for the week,” Hoopes said.

“We only had a few kids who wanted to wear hats,” Sorenson said, “but we ended up raising $210 through donations.”

All money was donated to the Kansas Honor Flight. The Kansas Honor Flight is a voluntary organization made up of 130 centers that pay for veterans to visit their memorials in Washington DC. They also try to educate the Kansans about our past wars and the freedoms we enjoy today because of them.

Schwindt spoke about his views on where the students currently are.

“What we’re seeing is that we need more training in Fastbridge and how teachers look at data.” Schwindt said. “We are going to do our second round of testing in December. we will have them [her staff] present and teach others what they have learned, what they can remember, and then we will group the children together at that time. »

Events to come:

• November 17 MS Basketball at home against Fairfield

• Nov. 21. MS and HS music concert at 7 p.m. It’s free to the public.

• Nov 30 Late check out

• 3 Dec. Swirl from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., free this year

• 5 week Bluebird Classic in December

Other items discussed:

• Vonda Brecheisen of Knudsen Monroe & Company LLC presented the annual audit report.

• The first honor roll came out and Principal Hoopes was pleased with the results.

• Basketball started Monday for high school. The boys had 13 or 14 and the girls had 8 or 9. The first home game will be on December 2. They are moving forward with the hiring of Jacob Sattler as head coach for high school girls’ basketball and Michael Rimbey as assistant for high school boys’ basketball.

• A pet policy was discussed and voted on for teachers to have pets in their classroom. It was passed 5-0 but there are stipulations and it needs to be approved by the directors.

• A hiring policy was discussed and voted on. One change is that there will be more people involved in the interview process. It won’t just be one or two who will have a say in potential hires. Advertisements, applications, interviews, references and a list of hiring tasks went 5-0.

• Peyton Rimbey has been granted an early release next semester.

• The board discussed the Rec’s proposal to purchase a Gaga Pit and place it on the school grounds. Coach Terry Bruton was asked to do more pit research. Decisions must be made on the location of the pit. They can be up to 25 feet wide, so you can fit 20-25 players in them. The Rec also wants to place one in the city park.

• “Jackie Stiles is a phenomenal athlete, I loved watching her,” said Anthony Schmitt. But due to the high cost of just one hour of talk, the board voted unanimously to decline the proposed invitation to have her come and speak to the student body. There were financial donors at Monday night’s meeting and the board said they would approve it if the funds were raised in full.