Canadian Precision ADM 3D Printer Forms Strategic Partnership with Tecomet

Image Credit: CNW Group/Precision ADM

Canadian additive manufacturer Precision ADM has formed a strategic partnership with US aerospace and medical parts manufacturer Tecomet.

In a press release, officials at Winnipeg-based Precision ADM said the partnership would allow it to expand development and production opportunities in additive and subtractive manufacturing. “The collaboration will allow Precision ADM and Tecomet to jointly leverage the combined resources and expertise to compress customer development timelines, with the partnership yielding both capabilities and expanded capabilities for each organization,” it said. -he declares.

Specifically, the partnership will enable the expansion of Precision ADM’s proprietary advanced digital manufacturing (ADM) process set, which has produced millions of additively manufactured implants and instruments in the medical market; offering additional process expertise in new material areas for Tecomet, including IE plastics, aluminum, chrome-cobalt and 316 stainless steel, while increasing capacity in titanium and steel 17-4 stainless; and add-on capabilities with EOS metal additive platforms to accelerate development and scalability to production.

“We are delighted to partner with Tecomet; an organization with a history of excellence that clearly values ​​Precision ADM’s highly technical and advanced manufacturing processes and capabilities,” said. “With Tecomet, we will be able to offer our customers faster delivery times and more efficient production with the same commitment to quality and manufacturing excellence that we are both known for,” said Martin Petrak, President and CEO of Precision ADM. “Our shared expertise and history in the medical device and aerospace industries leads to a natural collaborative relationship.”

Tecomet is headquartered in Woburn, Mass.