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Farsoon Technologies, a developer of materials and laser sintering, has completed the installation of two systems for Chuanglian 3D Technology Company. One CAMS HT1001P and three Flight 403P systems were installed. These facilities represent a nascent partnership between Farsoon and Chuanglian, which further reflects Farsoon’s growing market share. This growth is offset by growing tensions between the United States and mainland Chinese manufacturers. Farsoon’s partnership strengthens Farsoon’s relationships in its local market, thereby strengthening the company’s operations.

Tensions between the United States and China are particularly high around tech companies, which are seen by both sides as essential to national security interests. These concerns have spread in recent months to a wider divide between Western and Chinese interests, especially around 5G networks. Farsoon’s partnership with Chuanglian solidifies its position in China even as it continues to grow.

At least one American law firm presents additive manufacturing as a critical industry in any American policy of autonomy. China’s revised export control rules – the same rules that hampered ByteDance’s sale of TikTok – are also impacting the free trade of additive manufacturing technology.

Amid growing geopolitical stakes, Chuanglian, the largest provider of 3D printing services on the northeast coast of China, has more than 100 additive and post-processing systems. Farsoon’s systems extend Chuanglian’s ability to manufacture higher volumes and finer products while maintaining local service for each system.

Both Farsoon’s products use laser sintering to shape polymers to customer designs. The addition of Farsoon’s HT1001P system allows Chuanglian to maintain continuous mass production of high performance materials. Construction volumes can reach one meter wide, 50 centimeters deep and 45 centimeters high. These large sizes allow intensive manufacturing applications. Flight 403P systems additionally offer improved print speeds, with detail resolutions and a new range of compatible materials that Chuanglian can offer its customers. The Flight series is particularly suitable for creating finer details thanks to its fiber laser.

Farsoon’s laser sintering machines at Chuanglian 3D Technology Company

Chuanglian 3D General Manager Mr. Wang Xiaochen is enthusiastic about these new machines, which he describes as an extension of Bohai Bay’s long manufacturing history: “With an industrial foundation dating back to [the] In the early 1900s, the coastal area of ​​Bohai Bay was the true birthplace of modern manufacturing in China. However, one of the pillars that allows us to inherit and transform this heritage into the future is technological innovation.

Mr. Xiaochen points out that Farsoon takes this long history forward: “With innovative solutions, superior products, excellent value for money and first-class customer service, Farsoon has convinced us that entering into a partnership with long term will achieve the additive business in the actual manufacturing.

Farsoon’s recent partnership with Chuanglian suggests that Farsoon is expanding its Chinese base in conjunction with growing international partnerships. The move comes at a time when growing tensions between China and the United States are putting technology partnerships in the spotlight.

Chuanglian 3D Technology Company
A bank of laser sintering machines in Farsoon’s laser sintering machines at Chuanglian 3D Technology Company

Farsoon has grown its global business. Two German service offices, Modellbau Kurz GmbH and FKM Sintertechnik GmbH have put Farsoon’s HT1001P laser sintering system into full commercial use after successful beta testing. Farsoon’s “Open for Industry” philosophy allows these German users to exchange suitable additive configurations. The quality of this communication allows users to quickly adapt designs to application priorities.

BMW’s new AM technology campus has added the HT1001P to its additive manufacturing plant. The automaker is now able to manufacture large parts to order in its production workshop.

3dpbm has previously reported on Farsoon’s international success. The company’s current partnership with Oerlikon aims to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing in China. Oerlikon supplies metal powders for Farsoon systems. Farsoon has also partnered with Airbus to collaborate on the research and development of additive manufacturing applications in civil aviation.