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If there was ever a couple that was made for each other, it’s cosplay and 3D printing. While cosplay has been a top hobby for decades, in the past few years it has exploded in popularity and become downright trendy. And it’s probably not entirely a coincidence that desktop 3D printing emerged from makespace and headed into the mainstream at the same time. There’s always been a bunch of professional costumers and prop makers working closely with cosplayers, but from the moment they encountered 3D printing, it was a made-in-comics match. Modern 3D design and 3D printing technology make cosplay more accessible than ever and give artists and designers the opportunity to turn their passion into paid work.

3dp_forg3d_destiny_propsFor designer Lloyd Roberts, being able to design and craft costumes from his favorite video games is a dream come true. When he was a kid, he always wanted to build his own Spartan costume from the Halo games, but he didn’t have the tools to make it happen. But when he became a 3D designer five years ago and finally got his first 3D printer in 2012, he was finally free to create whatever he wanted. He started small by creating 3D printable props, trinkets and novelties for the MyMiniFactory 3D model marketplace. This is where he designed an incredible sword from The Legend of Zelda, and when it went viral he realized he could be more ambitious with his work and decided to open his own business. of cosplay and costume accessories.

When Roberts started Forg3d Props, his goal was crystal clear, he wanted to bring the props and costumes of cosplayers’ dreams to life, from the design process to the final paint and finish. He wanted to be as specific as possible and help his clients bring characters into the real world that only existed in video games, movies, cartoons or comics. Not only is he willing to work closely with cosplayers on their own custom requests, but he has also designed his own accessories which he makes available to everyone in his online store, either as an unfinished kit or fully assembled and painted.

“For me, it has always been my dream to start my own business and I am very passionate about making things, 3D printing and 3D designing. I would like to build an arsenal of weapons and accessories to that people give them what is intangible in a game or movie they love.We are a company that brings to life anyone’s demand with 3D design and 3D printing, to those who don’t don’t have access to a 3D printer, or those who don’t have the design skills or aren’t able to find the file they’re looking for if it’s something very specific,” Roberts told me. by email.

Ground Hammer

Ground Hammer

Forg3d as a company made its official debut last month at MCM London Comic Con where it showcased three of its fantastic costume and prop designs.

The first was worn by him and it was a show stopping mech and bone armor inspired by the Willbreaker raid gear from the popular video game Destiny. His decision to attend the convention was relatively last minute, so he managed to fully design, print, and paint his armor in just under a month, and he barely made it. But the end product speaks more than itself in terms of creativity and quality.

Roberts also designed a Hammer of Sol accessory weapon from Destiny to carry with his armor. In the game, the Ground Hammer is a character’s super ability, and when the payer summons it, it can, well, smash good things.

3dp_forg3d_destiny_cosplay_lol_eliseAlong with building her own set of armors, Roberts has also been hard at work helping design some amazing 3D printed custom pieces for some Elise cosplay from League of Legends. The creepy spider leg neck piece was printed in multiple parts, then glued and painted, and it pulls the costume together brilliantly. If someone who looks like this asks you to worship a spider god, just say no thank you, trust me.

3dp_forg3d_lol_collarThe third costume Roberts worked on for MCM London was the skeletal armor chest piece and crown of the ghostly King of the Dead from Lord of the Rings. Cosplayer Alexandra Skarsgard usually designs her own amazing costumes, but she took help from Roberts to design and 3D print some parts. And seeing the final product is a shock once you realize there’s a young woman beneath all that incredible ghostly rotting flesh. The best part about cosplaying is the fact that literally anyone can be whatever they want, and this is a great example of that.

If you live in or near London and would like help with a costume, feel free to contact Forg3d on their Facebook page. You can also visit Roberts profile on MyMiniFactory to see his 3D printable creations and stop by the Forg3d Etsy store and buy one of his accessories. Let’s hear your thoughts on these amazing props in the Forg3d 3D Printed Prop forum thread on