Cubicure launched a new Cerion 3D printer to support industrial scale 3D printing


Above: Cubicure launched its full-scale Cerion 3D printer earlier this month / Image source: Cubicure GmbH

Cubicure, the Austrian 3D printing company, has completed its machine portfolio with the addition a large-scale Cerion 3D printer that provides industrial companies with an essential component needed to fully digitize their production lines. It also opened a Cerion production facility with the aim of completely covering the digital manufacturing process, from prototyping to industrial series production.

Cerion has been developed by Cubicure over the past few years and is already in use by pilot customers.

Cerion 3D printer

Industrial serial printing of polymer parts requires a radical departure from familiar concepts of lithographic additive manufacturing such as resin baths or material tanks. WithA Cerion 3D printer, Cubicure instead introduces new printing technology comprising a movable printhead and rotating resin carrier film. The large-scale system printing concept is scalable in its physical dimensions and involves a completely new understanding of throughput and production quality in lithographic 3D printing.

The Cerion 3D printer is capable of printing a few large parts or thousands of small parts with the same high and consistent quality. The polymer parts are printed with optical precision of 50 x 50 m2 on a platform measuring one meter by 30 centimeters and with unprecedented reproducibility. “Due to the type of processing with a transverse print head and extremely precise exposure control, there is no variation in the manufacturing precision distributed over the build area,” confirms Dr. Bernhard Busetti, process engineer and product manager for AM systems at Cubicure. Additionally, Cerion leverages Cubicure’s proven hot lithography technology. This means that the new system already has access to a wide process window and a wide range of photopolymers.

Rethinking stereolithography

Cerion 3D printer
Above: Cubicure Cerion’s new printing concept enables additive mass production of industrial grade polymer parts / Image source: Cubicure GmbH

“This is the essential breakthrough in the industrial move upmarket of lithographic printing processes. In this printing process, the addition of material and the detachment of the printed polymer layers from the support film are progressive. Many factors in the construction process, such as process forces, are now decoupled from the geometry of the rooms and the occupancy of the building platform. Even the width and length of the printing platform no longer has any influence on the performance of the process. After three decades of stereolithography, an industrially evolving process has finally been found.

– Dr. Robert Gmeiner Managing Director and CTO of Cubicure

Now, nothing stands in the way of mass printing of high performance polymers; the next step leads to an era of tool-less manufacturing. Cubicure’s Cerion 3D printer was also on display at the recently concluded Formnext 2021 trade fair.

About Cubicure GmbH: Cubicure develops, produces and distributes industrial 3D printing solutions for polymer parts. With roots in academia and the ambition to help shape the digital future of manufacturing, this Vienna-based company has paved the way for agile production since 2015. Its hot lithography process enables additive manufacturing without precedent of high precision resilient components.

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