Desktop Metal presents the IN625 material on the Studio System 2 3D printer

Metal desk has qualified the nickel alloy Inconel 625 for 3D printing on its Studio System 2 machine, which prints and sinters parts in two steps.

With this announcement, the Desktop Metal Studio System platform now offers a total of eight materials. Along with the IN625, system users can now print titanium alloy Ti6AI4V (Ti64), copper, 4140 chromoly steel, two tool steels (H13 and D2) and two stainless steels (17-4PH and 316L).

“The Studio System 2, which incorporates our streamlined and easy-to-use two-step process, remains the most flexible metal 3D printer in its class,” said Ric Fulop, Founder and CEO of Desktop Metal.

Fulop added, “It has never been more important for manufacturers to have the agility of on-site, on-demand metal production, and the Studio System is a perfect gateway to metal 3D printing for production. Adding the IN625 to the portfolio only amplifies the flexibility of this proven system.

IN625 is a high performance nickel alloy known for its high levels of strength, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, making it a popular material choice for applications in the aerospace industries, chemical processing and offshore energy.

Due to the strength of IN625, it can be a difficult and expensive material to process into complex shapes, usually requiring a skilled machinist and special CNC cutting tools, strategies and coolants for the shape.

Inconel stock often causes tools to break or warp when milling. This occurs when the outer layer hardens too quickly in response to machining.

The Studio System 2 is a user-friendly additive manufacturing system that leverages Desktop Metal’s proprietary Bound Metal Deposition (BMD) technology to produce parts. The almost hands-free experience offered by the two-step process that eliminates loose powders and dangerous lasers.

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