Doodle3D announces version 1.0 of its Transform 3D online design app –


In 2013, the co-founders of the Netherlands-based software company Doodle3D, Nico van Dijk and Rick Companje, launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for the Doodle3D WiFi-Box, a small device that allows users to draw on a tablet and send the artwork wirelessly to a 3D printer. Three years later, the company launched a new app, called Doodle3D transformation, a split-screen 2D to 3D design platform that allows users to easily create their own 3D designs with a computer, laptop or tablet; the WiFi-Box connects the app to open source 3D printers, so 3D design is easier than ever.

According to Doodle3D, “The 3D printing industry has undergone dynamic changes over the past 3 years, with many companies moving more and more towards the industrial and professional market, while at the same time we have witnessed a strong lower prices for 3D printers. While some promising projects did not come to fruition and were too ambitious, there are now several $ 300 3D printers that are generally described as robust and easy to use by their users. Prices have come down for potential new owners, but for these new owners to go beyond downloading existing models and truly harnessing the potential of 3D printers, they need accessible and easy-to-use 3D design tools.

The Kickstarter success for the online design tool Transform ended in October, with a total of € 68,000 raised and 1,626 campaign backers accessing the beta version of Transform. The beta ended earlier this month and Doodle3D has now released version 1.0 of Transform.

Companje said in October: “With the affordability and accessibility of modern 3D printers, we felt that there was still a lack of powerful yet simple 3D design tools. We want everyone to be able to get started in 3D printing, without the barrier of learning a traditional CAD program before they can get their feet in the water.

Transform differs from modeling tools such as Tinkercad and 3D slash due to its 2D to 3D approach. The app’s split screen feature makes it easy to turn 2D drawings and photographs into 3D designs. If you have a 3D printer, you can use the WiFi-Box to print directly from Transform to the printer, as Transform is now compatible with the device – you can prepare and cut your print in the app before sending it to the printer. You can also export your 3D printable designs to external services such as Shapes, Sketchfab, and 3D centers.

Transform’s scan and plot tool lets you use your tablet’s camera to take a 2D photo, then use the image as a starting point for your 3D drawing: the app automatically plots a outline on the photographed form. You can also go the internet route and easily download images from the web to start your designs and designs.

The app is directly available through a browser on any device, and to celebrate the launch of version 1.0 of Transform, Doodle3D users can now Register now for a free trial of the app, which is available for iOS, desktop, and Android. However, the free trial includes limitations related to the recording and exporting features. Other available Converting plans 1.0 understand:

  • Creator’s license: € 29.95 gives you lifetime access to the Transform tool for personal use
  • WiFi-Box + Creator License Pack: 99 € excl.VAT, gives you lifetime access to the Transform tool for personal use, as well as the advantages of wireless 3D printing via Transform, the original Doodle3D Sketch application and the new Cura plug -in
  • Educational workshop license: 195 € gives you an annual license to connect with up to 10 users simultaneously
  • Educational class license: 495 € entitles you to an annual license to connect with up to 40 users simultaneously

Custom pricing is also available if you’re interested in full, unlimited access for an entire school, school district, or similar community. Chat in the Doodle3D forum on