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A lot of people are still a little intimidated by 3D designing, and there are so many model marketplaces online that in theory you can still 3D print every day without running out of designs. Yet, there is nothing quite like designing and printing your own models, even for the casual user, and we have seen a growing number of 3D design software specifically aimed at casual users who may not be able to. – not be the time or desire to learn a full-fledged CAD program.

The popularity of these simplified design programs shows that these casual users are plentiful and the success of Doodle3D, one of the creators of easy-to-use design apps, doesn’t seem to be weakening anytime soon. Launched in 2012, the Dutch company was started by Rick Companje, who is by no means a casual 3D printing fan – but still wanted 3D designing to be a lot easier than it was to. the time. He had just assembled his first 3D printer for FabLab Amersfoort, so he decided to continue by creating his own 3D software.


“With the affordability and accessibility of modern 3D printers, we felt that there was still a lack of powerful yet simple 3D design tools,” he said. “We want everyone to be able to get started in 3D printing, without the barrier of learning a traditional CAD program before they can get their feet wet. “

2In 2013, Companje and his co-founder Nico van Dijk launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Doodle3D WiFi-Box, a simple device that allowed users to draw on a tablet and send the drawing wirelessly to a 3D printer. . The Kickstarter surpassed its goal of over $ 20,000, and three years later the company now has five people and is launching a new app – Doodle3D transformation.

Compatible with Android, Apple and Windows tablets and computers, Doodle3D Transform can be used either in a web browser or as a native application. The design was largely based on feedback from the first Kickstarter campaign, and although Transform works with the WiFi-Box, it doesn’t need it. Users can export their designs directly from the app to their printers, as well as to external services such as Shapes, Materialize and 3D centers.

The interface of the application is simple: the screen is divided into two halves, one half 2D and one half 3D. On the 2D side, the user can draw a drawing or scan and plot 2D images. On the 3D side, these images can be easily transformed into 3D shapes, as well as fine-tuned and modified. It’s quite easy for kids and it’s a great app for teaching kids 3D design from an early age, but it’s also appealing for adults.


“At Doodle3D, we always try to make complicated tasks as easy as possible,” Companje told “With our new Transform app, we do this by looking at a complicated 3D object and reducing it to a bunch of 2D shapes. This way anyone can be a 3D designer because doing a flat drawing is something anyone can do.

The Kickstarter, which ends this Friday, October 21, has already exceeded its € 50,000 fundraising goal thanks to more than 1,300 backers, but you can still enjoy great rewards if you still want to support it. The early bird rewards are long gone, but other incentives include discounted bundles, immediate access to the beta app upon campaign end, and more. The selling price of the application will only be 20 €, so it is really accessible to everyone. Watch the campaign video below:

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