Elden Ring Fan uses 3D printer to create amazing potted figure

An Elden Ring player brings Pot Boy, the game’s NPC known as Iron Fist Alexander, to life in an impressive 3D sculpture.

elden ring pot guy

Among the parts of previous FromSoftware games that Ring of Elden brings back, one of the most likable is the variety of NPCs scattered across the world. These characters can play subtle roles in the story of these games and have even coined iconic phrases. A Ring of Elden The player recently paid homage to one of the most memorable of these new NPCs, Iron Fist Alexander, in an impressive 3D printed sculpture.

Ring of Elden is an open-world action role-playing game that focuses on combat and exploration. This game features elements similar to those found in the dark souls series and other games developed by FromSoftware such as the emphasis on intense combat.


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This fan-made creation comes from u/RutoSenpai and Ring of Elden players should recognize this right away. This Ring of Elden player shows Iron Fist Alexander, affectionately referred to as the Pot Dude in this post. This NPC looks like a huge cauldron with arms and legs and is first encountered while stuck in the ground. Players then have the option to repeatedly punch this character in the back until they are finally dislodged. The character has been 3D printed to perfection here with the detailed tree on the cauldron lid, this NPC’s arms and legs masterfully recreated, and even the original design on the cauldron printed on it. In this sculpt, Iron Fist Alexander is dislodged from the ground and u/RutoSenpai mentions that after 3D printing this design, they painted it to perfectly match the look of the game.

elden ring alexander iron fist

U/RutoSenpai mentions that although they 3D printed this sculpture and painted it, they purchased this Pot Boi Dice Vault design license from user Andrew Martin on Artstation. With the license, they then used resin in their 3D printer to bring the NPC to life and first layered a base primer and then painted it. U/RutoSenpai also mentions that sanding at the beginning can also help improve the finished product.

NPCs can add a lot to games such as Ring of Elden that immerse players in challenging worlds. Sometimes useful and sometimes hidden enemies, NPCs in FromSoftware games are an integral part of the formula for success. This is especially true for Iron Fist Alexander, who immediately became a memorable character in Ring of Elden.

However, there are NPCs in games such as Ring of Elden who apparently only exist to give players grief. These characters add a layer of frustration that some may feel is unnecessary in games that already require a lot of patience. Anyway, this interesting NPC has been brought to life in an interesting way in this article.

Ring of Elden is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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