Elden Ring Fan Uses 3D Printer To Make ‘Let Me Solo Her’ Figure

An Elden Ring fan uses a 3D printer to create a figure of the now-legendary “let me solo her” player, who faced off against Malenia in single-player co-op.

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Like most other entries in FromSoftware’s Soulsborne catalog, Ring of Elden is filled with a wide array of grueling bosses. One of the toughest to face right now is Malenia, Blade of Miquella, whose attacks can wipe out entire health bars if successful. It makes those who can defeat her more awesome, leading a Ring of Elden fan to use a 3D printer to create a figurine of the now legendary “let me solo her” player.

The story of Let Me Solo It centers on an incredibly talented female player who plays the role of a man carrying a pot on his head and wielding two katanas. Despite this bizarre loadout, let me solo her famously co-op kill Malenia on her own. Apparently, they hardly even took any damage from putting Malenia in the ground.


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Redditor etherealSTEVE shared a pic of the figure they made, let me solo it using a 3D printer. The figure shows one of Malenia’s worst enemies standing in a battle-ready pose with both swords pointed outward. A weathered gray pot covers the character’s head, and aside from white cloth underwear and two girdles, it’s the only thing the character wears. The sword in the character’s right hand is painted red, and the sword in his left hand is painted gray with a pattern of thin white cracks.

In accompanying text, etherealSTEVE said he used a 3D printer to sculpt the figure, printed it, and then painted over the details. It looks like they hand painted much of the figure as some individual brush strokes are visible in the image. Most of the figure has been painted light tan to represent the pale skin, but the chest and leg areas appear to have brown and gray flecks. This could be meant to represent dirt or signs of rot attacks that dealt damage to allow me to solo her in battle.

The base of the figurine is a circle of black plastic or resin, with three small bundles of what appears to be fake grass attached. This gives the impression that one of the feet of the figure is hidden by plants. The real star of the scene, however, may be the incredibly detailed pot on the character’s head. This is not the first time that a player has used 3D printing to recreate the pots of Ring of Eldenbut it is perhaps one of the most dynamic.

Ring of Elden is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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