Farsoon and Covestro Extend Partnership on Polymer 3D Printing Materials


Farson and Covestro have announced plans to launch additional polymer 3D printing powders as companies step up collaboration.

Covestro operates Farsoon Laser Sintering Systems at its former DSM additive manufacturing facilities in Germany and the Netherlands, specifically for the processing and printing of new materials. The materials maker has already successfully launched TPU and PBT polymer powders developed on Farsoon 252P series machines, and is now committed to developing additional powders and scaling up to larger applications. series in partnership with Farsoon.

Farsoon’s polymer 3D printing machines are all open systems, allowing operators to optimize process parameters for the material of their choice. The company’s offering also includes high temperature (HT) and super temperature (ST) configurations, allowing process chamber temperatures of up to 220 ° C and 280 ° C respectively, while the machines are also equipped with high speed scanners and powerful lasers. .

Combining these capabilities with Covestro’s materials expertise, Seifert Logistics Group successfully developed footwear applications using TPU material on a Farsoon SS403P machine, while an unnamed automotive partner additively manufactured parts. end-use interior cars using the old DSM PBT Arnite T AM1210 (P) Material. The companies have agreed to continue their collaboration based on these customer successes, with the couple keen to facilitate industrial production with their respective 3D printing and materials offerings.

“We are very happy to expand the opportunities in the additive manufacturing market by proactively supporting new applications with new polymer powders,” commented Dr Dirk Simon, Managing Director of Farsoon Europe GmbH. “The Farsoon SLS machines are very compatible with Covestro’s polymer powders, which offer a very attractive property profile to form an important basis for our customers’ success in the market.

“By working closely with printer manufacturers, we can test materials in the development process and provide customers with verified material and printer solutions,” added Geoff Gardner, innovation director, additive manufacturing at Covestro. “Farsoon SL printers and in particular their Flight technology can operate at standard and elevated temperatures, allowing us to print PBT, PP and TPU on the same printer. And with their high precision and productivity, and low cost per part, they are well suited for industrial production. “

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