FIYOM urges Nigerians to embrace 3D technology for economic growth | The Guardian Nigeria News


FIYOM Technology Limited has advocated for increased adoption of 3D printing in the country to reduce dependence on imports.

The company noted that adopting the technology in various sectors could help the country save $ 30 billion over the next 10 years, create more than 100,000 new jobs, and increase the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). country.

Speaking at a seminar to announce the launch of 3D printing technology in Nigeria, FIYOM Managing Director Yomi Fowode said the event, whose theme was “3D Printing Technology: its origin, effects and business opportunities in Nigeria ”was aimed at raising awareness of 3D printing application in the manufacturing sector.

“3D printing technology would stimulate rapid growth within the sector and increase Nigeria’s contribution to manufacturing GDP as well as other sectors of the economy,” he said.

He noted that in developed countries, 3D printing was already adopted by several manufacturing industries, regretting that little is known about the technology in Nigeria.

“This is the age to present it to young people; it will increase their awareness. With the use of 3D, they will let their imaginations flourish.

“Thanks to 3D printing, drugs can be personalized to suit people with different metabolic rates. Likewise, some machine parts that take a long time to produce can be manufactured faster through the use of 3D at a lower cost and in fewer days. The duration is faster and cheaper, ”he said.

Lagos State Science and Technology Commissioner Akeem Popoola said the state is looking at 3D printing technology from an economic perspective with a view to boosting its manufacturing capabilities.

“If we look at what we have today, most of the manufacturing parts we use in Nigeria are imported from other countries. We try to promote locally grown manufactured products as much as possible. So that will be really helpful because once you have the product specifications you can use the device to build the actual product that you are going to put into production, ”Popoola said.

Ogun State Science and Technology Commissioner Prof. Abayomi Arigbagbu also said the arrival of 3D printing technological innovation is timely, adding that it will fill the void that has already established in the printing technology sector in Nigeria.

“With the introduction of this technology, I know that the obstacles and problems that we have encountered in the past will be fully resolved,” he said.

Former Central Bank of Nigeria Deputy Governor Tunde Lemo urged Nigerians to embrace 3D technology, adding that it was gaining traction around the world.

“The growth has been phenomenal; it is currently a US $ 12 billion industry worldwide, ”Lemo noted.


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