Flint Company to Donate 3D Printer to Mid-Michigan College and Help Students Framing

HARRISON, MI – Mid-Michigan College has partnered with 3D printing company Flint to provide technology and training for its computer-aided design, or CAD, program, according to a press release.

Lýseon Additive Manufacturing will donate a professional-grade 3D printer to the CAD program and help program graduates achieve national certification in additive manufacturing, the statement said.

Staff will also mentor students and launch training programs for local students and workers, helping them graduate with real-life 3D printing experience and, hopefully, inspiring some to enter the industry.

“As we continue to grow and offer a broader range of solutions to a growing number of different industries, the ability to find qualified and experienced employees will remain critical to our success,” said Lýseon founder Chris Williams, in the press release. “Once this relationship develops over time, I am confident that we will discover many new synergies and benefits by working directly with students at Mid-Michigan College. “

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