Graduates Can Now Obtain 3D Printer Certification With MBA, After Alliance-Wipro Partnership – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

BENGALURU: In another attempt to improve higher education in the state to provide a more skilled workforce, Alliance University has signed a memorandum of understanding with Wipro3D for a collaborative MBA program.

Recently, several partnerships have been signed between universities, start-ups, companies and foreign universities, to take advantage of the national education policy and improve the production of skilled labor in different sectors.

As part of this phenomenon, Alliance University’s partnership with Wipro3D, a 3D printing company, will allow students to earn an MBA from the university as well as a certification from the company in the field of 3D printing, or metal additive manufacturing.

The “Smart Manufacturing and Digital Leadership” MBA program aims to help graduates replace conventional practices in business with smarter ones, while still at an early stage in their careers.

“The recent push for digital transformation in many businesses around the world has led to an increased demand for workforce with skills and competencies in smart manufacturing. This is the need of the hour, particularly in sectors such as aeronautics, automotive, electronics, health and renewable energies. These sectors accentuate the need for process automation and digitization of manufacturing to ensure high resiliency, improved operational efficiency, predictive analytics in maintenance and failure mitigation,” reads a statement issued by the university.