Gravity Sketch virtual reality 3D design software now on Kickstarter –

Gravity Sketch takes 3D design as you know it and launches it straight into the future, allowing you to use features you probably only imagined before; in fact, you’ll probably feel like you’ve stepped out of a sci-fi movie with these moves. Designed for gesture and touch input, Gravity Sketch was introduced earlier this year and was entered into a major design competition. October 29.

As we finally see VR enter the mainstream, design programs like this will most likely become more accessible, and as the Gravity Sketch team points out, we’re lucky to live in a time where this technology is accessible to everyone.

“With the good user experiences associated with this technology, it’s going to have a massive influence on how everything in the world is created,” they state on Kickstarter.


The intuitive nature of this design tool allows the artist to forget that they are even holding something while working. The communication of ideas is seamless and the designer is able to step into the world he has created. Eventually, as the company works more with its co-authoring feature, you’ll be able to collaborate with others in real time, wherever they are. On the tablet currently but soon to be expanded to both desktop and VR due to massive feedback and now with the help of their campaign, Gravity Sketch is already being used by thousands of people around the world.

Aimed at all creative minds, and especially those who’ve been waiting to dive deep into 3D, the new digital design tool is suitable for all ages and levels of expertise, and is also perfect for the room. class to introduce children to design as well as to deepen STEAM learning. Animators will be able to add even more life to their creations, and game developers will likely immediately be drawn to the tools that allow them to expand their alternate worlds.

Gravity Sketch lets you be completely creative and completely immersed in the world of virtual reality as you work and play with the software responding to the pressure you apply with the stylus and movement, resulting in fast lines as well as line control. thickness.

“Gravity Sketch unlocks your creations and gives you full control, adapting an advanced workflow for vehicle designers looking to extract rough concept sketches into a more controlled software package for animators looking to integrate characters into a scene. preconceived,” says Gravity Sketch on Kickstarter. .

The software is compatible with Adobe Suite and many other CAD packages. Models can be exported and shared in .obj or .stl format for 3D printing. If you want to learn how it works, check out the Gravity Sketch YouTube page for tutorials.

08f477357338dd1f5c96e8efa493a8d9_originalIf you don’t have a 3D printer, models can be sent directly to Shapeways, where they are big fans of the product:

“Where 3D content is created, we are there to facilitate the sharing of ideas. Gravity Sketch VR blew me away from the get-go,” says Pieter Limburg, Business Development Manager at Shapeways. “I can’t wait to see people put their ideas from their mind into their hands.”

While the Gravity Sketch Desktop and VR license will sell for £45 ($60), those who back the product on Kickstarter will be able to receive the software for £25 ($32). The license should be available in December of this year. Discuss in more detail on the Gravity Sketch 3D software forum at