HeyGears New UltraCraft ChairSideand ChairSide Pro Transforms Dental Practice 3D Printing

Easy-to-use and fast 3D printers increase clinic efficiency

Chicago, United States – February 21, 2022 – HeyGears, a digital manufacturing company specializing in 3D printing and production, has announced two new products it is adding to its line of dental technology innovations: UltraCraft ChairSide and ChairSide Pro.

As the demand for digital workflows in dental practices increases, so does the need for streamlined, easy-to-use production. With the ChairSide and the ChairSide Pro, 3D printing in the office is no longer complicated. Users can easily complete the 3D printing process for multiple dental applications with minimal training, providing dental practices and labs the ability to fully optimize their 3D printing without having to hire specialist staff or outsource production.

UltraCraft ChairSide

The UltraCraft ChairSide + AirWash + AirCure combination is a lightweight desktop 3D printing system that offers efficiency, speed and reliability. The solution is specifically designed and optimized for dental practices and can go from scan to product in 30 minutes depending on the application, providing efficient use of staff time and a positive patient experience.

After the intraoral data is scanned and sent to the HeyGears Cloud for design, the system moves on to print operations. ChairSide handles the print job using CapsulePrint, which integrates the resin reservoir, resin liquid, and material addition mechanism into one easy-to-use capsule. CapsulePrint, made from recycled plastic, is disposable, eliminating the hassle of cleaning the resin tank and storing used resin, and allows switching between applications quickly and easily, without the need calibration.

The UltraCraft ChairSide incorporates a variety of other features to make this system an efficient, self-contained solution, including a small physical footprint, automatic locking mechanism, and easy plug-n-play operations.

The UltraCraft AirWash completes the washing and drying process using the disposable platform as a base, avoiding contact with liquid resin, and there is no need to clean the wash chamber when changing applications. AirWash can automatically detect the application being used and select the optimal washing solution for each output.

The UltraCraft AirCure provides the final stage of production, providing self-calibrated rapid curing by identifying the application and appropriate curing strategy for each output.

UltraCraft ChairSide Pro

For increased output needs, the UltraCraft ChairSide Pro packs all the speed and efficiency of ChairSide, but it’s an industrial-grade desktop 3D printer, designed for clinics or labs with multiple needs. in dental applications. ChairSide Pro offers the same quality but at a faster speed, making it perfect for small batch production.

The ChairSide Pro uses a matrix light source with an industrial grade light engine for excellent resolution, a highly optimized separation strategy and a 40% increase in productivity compared to traditional DLP systems.

AI-enabled pixel-grade imaging technology reduces the risk of optical distortion and ensures high consistency between print jobs. The adaptive printing process allows printing parameters (exposure time, layer thickness, separation strategy, etc.) to be dynamically adjusted according to specific application requirements, which strikes a balance between speed and quality.

Whether a dental practice needs individual products or small batches, these products offer dental practices the ability to increase production and meet their patients’ needs faster and more efficiently.

For more information on UltraCraft ChairSide, ChairSide Pro, AirWash, AirCure and the rest of HeyGears products, please visit: www.heygears.com.

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