IDTechEx publishes its latest report on carbon nanotubes

comparative study and critical evaluation of MWCNT, FWCNT and SWCNT; VACNT, sheets, wires, composites, slurries, etc. ; granular CNT market forecasts; profiles and analysis of major manufacturers; company profiles based on interviews

“The CNT market will exceed 70,000 tons of annual demand by 2032”

– IDTechEx

After years of promise, we are seeing the first major market adoption of nanocarbons. Although known for several decades, with significant commercial commitment and extraordinary properties, CNTs have so far been largely reserved for specific applications and relatively low market sales.

IDTechEx predicts that the CNT market will exceed annual demand by 70 ktpa by 2032, due to the role played by energy storage.

This report provides the following information:

Market landscape

  • Overview of major manufacturers and developments
  • Granular Market for MWCNT and DWCNT & SWCNT Split into 8 Key Applications
  • Growth in capacities and prices.
  • Market drivers and needs.

Technological and hardware landscape

  • Overview of current and emerging CNT production processes
  • Large-scale product analysis and integration into intermediaries.
  • Comparative analysis of material properties

In-depth application analysis

  • Extended view of current and next-generation lithium-ion battery electrode chemistry
  • Analysis of other areas of energy storage, including supercapacitors
  • Case studies and progress in polymers and elastomers.
  • Demos, use cases and comparative studies for other applications.
  • Executive summary and conclusions
  • Granular Market Forecast for MWCNT, DWCNt, and SWNT by Volume and Revenue Breakdown by Different Applications
  • Market players. Updated status of an analysis of major CNT manufacturers
  • Manufacturing of CNTs

Pricing process, scale and progression

Key Properties and Dispersion Developments

Large-scale products in the form of webs, veils and yarns

  • Energy storage applications
Current overview of lithium-ion battery and role of CNT

Next-Gen Battery Ratings

  • Polymer and elastomers
  • Transparent conductive films
  • Thermal interface materials
  • Sensors
  • Other emerging applications including semiconductor packaging, coatings and 3D printing materials
  • Company profiles based on interviews

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