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Imaginarium, one of the largest 3D printing companies in India, will distribute the Foodini food 3D printer, created by the Barcelona company Natural Machines, in the Indian market. Imaginarium, which provides additive manufacturing solutions in a range of industries such as engineering, education, automotive, medical, introduces Foodini to its 3D printing portfolio to serve the food industry.

Foodini is the next generation kitchen appliance that combines technology, food, art and design. It is an automation device for chefs, hotels, culinary schools, restaurants, laboratories and food brands.

Based on pneumatic extrusion technology, the Foodini 3D printer pushes pasta from a capsule through the nozzle in order to print it into complex shapes. A precision control system moves the capsule with precision, creating shapes that can then be stacked layer after layer to become true 3D food products. Foodini can print many different types of ingredients, from savory snacks to sweets.

Created by Barcelona-based Natural Machines in 2021, the Foodini food 3D printer has been a pioneer among commercial food 3D printing systems. It was one of the first 3D printers designed exclusively to work with food, built with food grade materials and food safe. The two The co-founders of Natural Machines – Emilio Sepulveda and Lynette Kucsma – both have a strong passion for healthy eating. This meant that Natural Machines couldn’t just focus on sweet baked goods. And both believed in macro trends towards healthy eating: People want to know what they’re eating, what’s in their food, and where it comes from.

Food technology – including Foodini – must adapt to your vision of healthy eating, because everyone’s personal vision may be different; there isn’t a right diet for everyone. For this reason, Natural Machines does not require people to purchase pre-filled food capsules to use Foodini. Users can control the food because Foodini comes with empty stainless steel food capsules which you can fill with your own fresh ingredients.