Jewelry design app Silvore evolves from designer Miro Straka’s passion for design and 3D printing –

Not so long ago, we reported on an impressive and innovative app called Ringz 3D, created by designer Miro Straka. An app that is all about taking the jewelry business to the next level, it allows interested parties to purchase, create, and customize jewelry.

Straka believes in providing a wide range of options to the wearer, allowing everyone to discover and enjoy the art of accessory, from engagement rings to those adorned with gemstones and endless designs. , from the most basic to the most ornate. The autonomy to be able to choose and 3D print the perfect ring is one of the enormous advantages of the new progressive technology, and now it is further enhanced.

Ringz 3D has now evolved into something more, delivering an even more streamlined and sleek image to the world, as Straka launches a comprehensive new site through its interdisciplinary Slovak group known as SLVR |

“SLVR started as my little side project 7 months ago when I created a very simple ring sculpting app called Ringz,” Straka explains in his blog. It got media attention on several pages (eg here) so I decided to go further. I was having fun with webGL at the time, and the idea of ​​an interactive eshop/designer sounded appealing to me. Ringz was running on the Unity game engine so it had to be redone from scratch, but it was totally worth it.

“…the design you make in the SLVR app is pretty much identical to the ring that will arrive a few weeks later. No nasty bumps, and beautifully shiny!

01Adding a touch of fine jewelry this time around, SLVR is a 3D WebGL-powered store that gives users access to applications capable of using modern and progressive technology to replace more traditional and classic methods of 3D modeling, already disrupting what most consider highly innovative with even more intuitive “gesture creation” techniques.

Not only limited to beautiful rings, SLVR also offers for sale earrings crafted from silver and plastic. These jewels are 3D printed on demand.

“In an era of such rapid technological development, everyone should be able to bring their ideas to life, regardless of their skill set,” Straka told “You should no longer need to study drawing, sculpting or 3D modeling to bring your ideas to the world. Designing is one of the greatest joys in the world, and I believe anyone can be a designer.

Generally, Straka values ​​and believes in developing simple tools to aid creativity, as well as online accessibility in conjunction with digital design and resulting manufacturing.

EarringsEditor-1024x689Straka is passionate about 3D printing and often uses other tools such as ShuffleArch or Instant Graphic Designer. With SLVR you can create almost unlimited designs with 200,000 polygons to choose from and without any plugins. They also use Pixel Ring, which is still in beta testing, but Straka encourages everyone to go ahead and give it a try.

Straka told that Pixel Ring is more “cutting-edge and Minecraft-inspired, working like a generative tool with a classic add-and-remove box feature.”Untitled

“Both offer a very fresh take on contemporary jewelry, giving the wearer the option of having a one-of-a-kind ring or earring,” Straka said. “The other part of the project is focused on a more traditional e-boutique with professionally designed jewelry pieces.”

Not limited to just checking parts on photographs, you can see them “from every possible angle in fully interactive 3D”, running on HTML5. This allows a high quality visualization of what may interest you, but in a more compact and efficient form. It’s an all-encompassing process that allows you to create stunning jewelry for yourself, a loved one, or a friend.

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