Launch of medical grade elastomeric resin for 3D printing

A new biocompatible elastomeric resin has been introduced by 3D printing technology company B9Creations. BioRes – Silicone is suitable for the custom manufacture of medical and consumer products that have prolonged skin contact for up to 30 days per ISO 90993. Applications include wearable medical devices, silicone-based components for medical devices, headphones and hearing aids.

“This material has really opened up our design space,” said Kevin Herrera, senior engineer, cardiovascular medical devices at Johnson & Johnson, in a quote provided by B9Creations. “It also saves us a ton of money because we’re not using pure Teflon, and now we’re able to quickly iterate designs. So if there is a change in our device, we can always compensate and easily create a new one,” Herrera said.

B9Creations said its medical and industrial silicone materials bend, compress and withstand repeated cycling without tearing. Combined with the company’s Core 5 Series Med XL 3D printers, automated cleaning and drying units, and intelligent print preparation software, users can move seamlessly from prototyping to production, according to B9Creations.

B9Creations’ 3D printing technology serves a variety of high-precision applications in nearly 70 countries around the world, serving brands ranging from Medtronic and Johnson & Johnson to B. Braun Medical Inc. Leveraging patented technology and high-speed contactless printing, its 3D printers are manufactured to the tightest tolerances in the industry. They also print in 15 minutes, four times faster than the industry average, and never require calibration, B9Creations added.

To promote the integration of additive technology in the medical field, the Health division of B9Creations offers 3D printing services in a diversified portfolio of medical applications.