Launch of the 2023 salary survey in 3D printing –

It’s time for the next installment of the annual AM salary survey…and it’s live. You can access the survey here. This year marks the 7e consecutive Additive Manufacturing Salary Survey of recruitment company, Alexander Daniels Global.

Focusing on the AM industry, the following report strives to shed light on the variety of the compensation landscape and provide professionals working in the AM space (or with AM technology) the opportunity to better understand the macro environment in which they operate. .

For employers, HR professionals and hiring managers operating in the additive manufacturing industry, the report offers real-world data to support hiring strategies, retention strategies and salary benchmarks for future hires.

Last year’s survey highlighted the theme of diversity, equity and inclusion – from which emerged a webinar, in collaboration with Sarah Goehrke from Women in 3D Printing, on the data collected. This webinar was part of a 3-part series of webinars that delved deeper into the data collected through the survey; webinars are available on Global Alexander Daniels website.

This year’s hot topic: supply chain

The 2023 AM Salary Survey will shed light on the theme of “supply chains” – specifically to uncover AM’s place in traditional manufacturing supply chains, industry sentiment towards of reshoring and offshoring, and to discover how the changing supply chain landscape is affecting the need for talent.

Particularly as we move into the second half of 2022, increased attention is being paid to supply chain and how AM affects traditional supply chains. Earlier this year, we also saw new actors enter the scene, such as MakerVerse – an on-demand 3D printing platform that connects makers to 3D printing service bureaus – or the likes of Vulcan Forms – who work on producing industrial parts with their unique manufacturing technology, which allows relocation to North America – announcing a huge round of funding and removing them from their previous “stealth mode” status.

Exploring what the supply chains of the future might look like and whether relocation will help or hinder the industry can give us unique insights into the impact of the changing supply chain landscape on hiring and talents.

Take the survey

As in previous years, there are two survey options: one for 3D printing talent/professionals or those working with AM technology, and one for employers/HR/hiring managers or those with hiring power in organizations.

The survey requires no more than 5-7 minutes of your time and all survey participants will receive early access to the report, containing the analyzed data results, before it is released to the rest of the industry .

If you employ people in additive manufacturing, are a human resources manager or a senior manager in your organization, participate in the employer survey.

If you work in the additive manufacturing industry – regardless of your discipline, sector or geographic region, take part in the professional survey.

You can learn more about the annual salary survey report by visiting