Materialize signs major 3D design software deal with German conglomerate Siemens

Materialize has signed an agreement with the largest manufacturing company in Europe, Siemens. This important deal will see the Belgian company integrate its 3D printing software with Siemens’ industrial user base. The agreement is with Siemens’ Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software arm and will focus on creating a process that will move from design to manufacturing parts using technology. 3D printing.

It’s a logical partnership for both parties that we talked about earlier this month. Siemens PLM software is used to manage product information. This information may relate to the manufacturing process or the design. The partnership with Siemens means that Materialize will now have access to Siemens’ customer base, which will significantly increase their customer base. While Siemens will be bolstered by using Materialize’s experience and industry-proven additive manufacturing software.

Stefaan Motte interviewed Andreas Saar from Siemens at Formnext. Image via Materialize.

The two companies have been working together for several months already, integrating PLM software from Siemens and the additive manufacturing expertise of Materialise. Stefaan Motte, Vice President of Materialize Software, spoke about the 3D printing deal,

This agreement will bring together a set of solutions from Siemens and Materialize that will optimize and simplify customers’ operations in the industrial landscape. We’ve been in the additive manufacturing business for over 25 years and our open and neutral solution network has improved and helped push the boundaries of technology. Today we can say that additive manufacturing is a reality even in highly regulated markets such as aerospace and medical applications. We’re really happy to partner with big players like Siemens who really understand large-scale industrial manufacturing environments.

Andreas Saar from Siemens interviewed on Formnext.  Image via Materialize.
Andreas Saar from Siemens interviewed on Formnext. Image via Materialize.

In an interview with Formnext, Andreas Saar, VP at Siemens PLM explained the motivation behind the collaboration with Materialize saying,

It’s natural that we say ‘we can’t do it all ourselves’”… “which is why partnering with market leaders who have this experience and bring this technology together is the best way forward.

Stratasys Robotic Composite depot at IMTS 2016. Photo by Michael Petch.
Stratasys Robotic Composite depot at IMTS 2016. Photo by Michael Petch.

Siemens and Stratasys

Stratasys is another company that has also recently partnered with Siemens to control the device for its Infinite Build and Robotic Composite processes. With these two processes, Stratasys aims to industrialize 3D printing. The 3D printing company showed the capabilities of these machines, still prototypes, at the IMTS in Chicago. Advanced manufacturing machinery could find a place in the factory of the future compatible with Industry 4.0, a place that Siemens no doubt hopes its control systems will also be an integral part of.

This Siemens partnership with Materialize is an example of how the German company is approaching additive manufacturing. While their competitor GE last year acquired a number of 3D printing companies, in Concept Laser and Arcam, as they seek to secure their supply chain, Siemens’ approach is different in meaning that they remain separate parties with Materialize and Stratasys.

Nevertheless, it is believed that the increase in the number of partnerships and acquisitions will only allow 3D printing to further establish itself in the industrial market, as stated by Zvi Feuer, senior vice president at Siemens PLM. Software.

Additive manufacturing is one of the critical components of the digital business transformation currently taking place in the global manufacturing industry. By partnering with AM leaders like Materialize, we provide the digitization tools that will help drive this transformation.

Further details on the partnership and how it will work will be released later this quarter. Watch the interview between Stefaan Motte of Materialize and Andreas Saar of Siemens below:

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The featured image shows an example of Siemens manufacturing a gas turbine at a manufacturing facility in Berlin. Photo via Siemens.