MatterHackers Summer Sale Offers 3D Printing Deals Even Prime Day Can’t Beat

If you’ve never heard of MatterHackers before, you’re missing out. Based in Southern California, the company represents a significant portion of the 3D printing community here in the United States. Its representatives are always present at meetups, constantly active on Twitter and offer useful advice to those who are just starting out.

Each year, normally coinciding with Amazon Prime Day, MatterHackers is launching its summer sale. The sale has big discounts on 3D printers, CNC machines, and laser cutters, but the real savings are on materials and accessories. You can get so many great deals on filament and resin that it’s worth stocking up by July 14th.

As a bonus, MatterHackers offers price matching with Amazon, even on sales. So anything you sell during Amazon Prime Day can be priced, keeping all your 3D printing purchases in one place.

3D printers and other machines


The Pulse XE is MatterHackers’ own bespoke 3D printer, and while it can print standard filaments like PLA, PETG, and ABS, it has a few upgraded parts that really make it shine.

The all-metal hot end features a hardened steel nozzle that helps you print more exotic filaments like carbon-infused Nylon-X and phosphorescent PLA, both of which can destroy standard printer nozzles.

Snapshot Creator

If you’re not sure whether you want to try 3D printing, laser cutting, or CNC milling as your next hobby, look no further than the Snapmaker 2. It has three modules that can easily be swapped out, so that you can maximize your creative potential. Personally, I love the little CNC mill on my Snapmker because it lets me try out models I’ve never made before.


From the day I received the Mayku Formbox, I have been obsessed. It’s small enough to fit on a workbench or kitchen counter, and powerful enough to create great molds for any job you want.

I originally used it to make vacuum forms for models I had made and wanted to ship safely. When I closed my Etsy shop, I instead used it to make fun chocolate molds for the whole family. Personalized chocolate as a gift for the family is just one good reason to buy a Mayku.

Materials for your 3D printer


Although PLA is the standard 3D printing filament, it can be prone to warping under the hot sun. If you intend to use your prints outdoors, then HTPLA – High Temp PLA – may be right for you. Once you’ve printed your model, you can put it in a regular oven to “anneal”. The annealing process will make it stronger and less prone to heat damage.

Proto-Pasta isn’t the cheapest material, but this sale, coupled with the gorgeous color, makes it a worthwhile purchase.


PETG filament is a little harder to work with than PLA, but tends to warp less with heat. It also sands very well if you are looking for a material for cosplay armor.

Polymaker filaments are excellent, and the PolyLite is especially good if you want to make technical models that require high dimensional accuracy.


The best time to try something new is when all the specialty filaments are on sale. Proto-Pasta Iron PLA is a filament infused with iron particles. This not only means it’s magnetic after printing – meaning magnets stick to it, it’s not a magnet – but it can rust making your prints look old and worn!

Be careful though: this type of filament is extremely abrasive. You will want to make sure you have a hardened nozzle to use it otherwise it will grind the nozzle.

Accessories for your 3D printer


Many materials for 3D printing are called hygroscopic. This means that they absorb moisture from the air and when they do, they spoil. They can be fixed though, so don’t worry. A PrintDry system is like a dehydrator specially designed for 3D printing filament that dries it and makes it usable again. It’s a great investment if you live in a place with high humidity.


When you buy your first 3D printer, it comes with basic tools like a pair of shears and maybe a scraper, but they tend to be low quality and don’t help with all aspects of 3D printing. .

MatterHackers has put together a nifty little toolbox that not only contains these few tools for your 3D printer, but also extras like a set of calipers – used to measure small measurements of an object you want to design – and a deburring tool to clean up your print with when finished. These additional gadgets will help improve your experience.

These are just a few of our favorite gadgets on sale during the MatterHackers Summer Sale, so there are more great deals you can check out on the MatterHackers site.