Mechnano Formula1 now available on the Stratasys Origin One 3D printer

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Mechnano Formula1 Photopolymer Material Now Included in Stratasys Origin P3 OML (Open Material License) Exploratory Release May 10and2022. Using its revolutionary Discrete Carbon Nanotube (DCNT) technology, Mechnano’s Formula1 Rigid Resin enables owners of Origin One printers with an OML to manufacture anti-static parts with advanced properties, opening new doors for additive manufacturing , especially in industries where ESD is of great importance. extreme importance in the production process or the final product.

“The Mechnano team is thrilled that Origin One users now have access to Formula1 via a Stratasys Open Hardware License. High-quality ESD from expensive and time-consuming machining options to much faster and less expensive manufacturing on the Origin One,” said Mechnano President Bryce Keeler. A production-grade printer with an exceptionally nano-engineered ESD resin that has exceptional mechanical performance and no concerns for carbon removal or z-axis ESD failures will enable additive manufacturing of a significant number of heatsinks static electricity. rooms.”

Mechnano’s exclusive technology, MechJ, disentangles and separates the CNTs, then disperses them into a Masterbatch to be used to increase the performance of additive manufacturing materials. The resulting discrete tubes can be tailored to specific mechanical property performance requirements and offer previously unattainable improvements such as a 50% increase in tensile strength, a 200% increase in toughness, or an 850 % tear strength. Unlike the poor performance of other ESD resins, MechJ provides improved mechanical properties and is unique in that it also guarantees consistent electrical properties. mechJ nano-engineered dispersions eliminate resin-only domains that act as insulating islands found elsewhere, meaning Formula1 achieves 100% ESD coverage with accurate ESD values ​​(vs ranges).

“We welcome Mechnano to our growing materials ecosystem as we work together to create unlimited opportunities for additive manufacturing across the product value chain,” said Ronen Lebi, Vice President, production manager (P3) at Stratasys. “The goal of our open, exploratory materials program is to rapidly expand the availability of new materials because it means compelling new additive manufacturing applications for our customers. We are excited to see the innovation this program will spark.

As Mechnano Focuses On Delivering MechJ Through Masterbatches, Formula1 is offered to AM OEMs as a White Label resin to provide a fast-to-market solution for ESD. Stratasys will work with Mechnano and Formulator Partners to use MechJ to create additional ESD and other high performance resins. Future enhanced Mechnano masterbatches will include improvements in mechanical, thermal, conductive, shielding and magnetic properties.

“The world has been waiting for this new level of ESD part printing,” said Steven Lowder, CEO and co-founder of Mechnano. “We look forward to Stratasys Origin One customers discovering the benefits of Mechnano nano-engineered materials.”