Microsoft confirms 3D design capabilities for paint and other applications with next release of Windows 10 Creators Update –


A few weeks ago, a sneaky Twitter user revealed that Microsoft was planning to update its decades-old Paint app with several new features, including 3D design capabilities. When word got out, several people speculated that Microsoft could make the official announcement at an event in New York City later in October. The speculation was correct, as Microsoft officially unveiled Paint 3D yesterday at a major conference in New York.

As many suspected, Paint 3D will be released as part of Windows 10’s Creators Update, which will be released in early 2017. In addition to confirming the impending release of Paint 3D, Microsoft also unveiled several features of the app that were not apparent in the video leak. For example, a 3D platform called 3d remix is launched with the new Paint. Remix 3D, which you can preview by registering on the website, is both an online community and a model library, which already contains thousands of 3D models that users can import into their Paint designs or save for more. late. Users can also share their own 3D models with the rest of the world.

“A big part of creativity is drawing inspiration from the ideas of others,” says Megan Saunders, CEO of Windows Experiences Group. “Remix 3D is a hub for connecting with content and creators, including over a million 3D objects and models that you can reuse for your own creations. “


Remix 3D will also be integrated into SketchUp 3D warehouse, so that users can also extract 3D models directly from this platform. In addition, Minecraft fans can easily export their creations to Paint 3D and then 3D print them, or share them with the community. Users can scan objects or import photographs or other images into Paint, then create them in 3D with just a touch or click. 2D and 3D images can also be combined and users can easily incorporate elements of a photograph into a design with a simple selection tool.

paint_ui-1024x683Simple is a big keyword – for all of its new features, Paint is still Paint, with clean, easy-to-use toolbars and a simple interface. It’s optimized for touchscreens and responds immediately to a stylus or fingertip. Over the next year, 3D design capabilities will also be integrated into other Windows programs such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, and eventually Microsoft wants users to be able to take their 3D content anywhere: on the Web, on their virtual reality headset, HoloLens, etc.

“Windows 10 allows your 3D content to flow seamlessly not only across your screens, but also around your world,” Saunders continues. “Take an object from the real world, capture it in 3D, edit it in Paint 3D, share it on the web, bring it back to your world as a hologram, or bring it to a virtual world. The barriers between the physical world and the digital world are removed.

While an exact release date has not been revealed, Microsoft has indicated that we should see Paint 3D and the rest of the Windows 10 Creators Update early next year. If you want to start using it now, you can register for the Windows Insider Program and be among the first to access it. Chat in the 3d painting forum on

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