Morphi is a 3D design application for touch screens –

3D modeling applications tend to look like extremely complex engineering tools. Well, that’s because, for the most part, they are! However, a New York-based startup, The Inventery, has now released a user-friendly and responsive touchscreen 3D modeling app designed for iPads called Morphi.

Using out-of-the-box shapes, models and modification tools, Morphi aims to make it easy for almost anyone to understand and play with 3D printers. According to the company’s press release,

“Morphi makes 3D modeling and printing easier and more enjoyable for people of all skill levels and backgrounds. “

Some designs and shapes can be purchased and downloaded in the app through the iTunes Store. Once a ready-made design is uploaded, users are provided with a variety of simple yet powerful tools that they can use to manipulate 3D objects on the screen.

The idea of ​​creating 3D shapes with your fingers on a screen is what drives Morphi. It’s so simple and intuitive that even a preschooler could understand the user interface. For those who need additional instruction, the app has built-in tutorials to help them out. Morphi does not have its own print drivers; instead, it exports a .STL file which can then be opened in third-party software which can then send it to a 3D printer.

Is Morphi the “MS Paint” (or Mario Paint!) Of the 3D printing world? It is possible, however, that 3D printing to grow is one of the goals of many 3D printing companies. Desktop 3D printers and the businesses behind them will love this new app, as it will definitely make anyone feel able to design in 3D enough to justify purchasing a 3D printer. Discuss Morphi in more detail on the 3DPB forum thread related to this application.

Morphi is available on the iTunes Store (