MyMiniFactory launches the alpha version of the new collaborative 3D design platform WeDesign.Live –

I don’t think any of the dozens of 3D model marketplaces put as much effort into curating and developing a stable of highly talented and prolific 3D artists and designers as MyMiniFactory. Not only do they feature some of the best 3D models available, but each one is tested before they go live on the site. Not only is this not the norm, but many marketplaces much larger than them don’t even try to validate designs on their site. In addition to offering premium models, MyMiniFactory has also curated its own community by offering features that focus on design collaboration and outsourced 3D printing projects such as MMF TV and MMF Ideas. Their goal couldn’t be more obvious: to make sure they always have the first chance to gain access to the best new and up-and-coming 3D designers.

Inspired by the concept of open source collaboration that encourages users to come together to help each other improve their projects within the coding and programming communities, MyMiniFactory wanted to offer the same type of community to their designers. Open source communities aren’t exactly uncommon, especially in the average makerspace. However, when it comes to arts and design, it can often be much harder to appeal to the crowd, but the iMakr spin-off company decided to give it a try anyway. The idea was to launch a live collaborative design platform, initially called the MP5 project, with the aim of creating a cloud-based design platform that would allow its users to share their ongoing projects with each other. live and receive instant feedback. viewers.

3dp_wedesign_logoThe result is WeDesign.Live, what MyMiniFactory calls the world’s first live collaborative 3D design platform. WeDesign.Live is fully open source, web-based, and requires no software installation to use. Users can choose to design on their own, cooperate with other designers in real time on the same project, broadcast their design process to other users, or watch other designers do the same. The concept is similar to the popular video game streaming service Twitch TV, but is designed to be much more interactive and collaborative.

But WeDesign.Live is more than just a design streaming service, it’s a fully functional and robust 3D design program with plenty of design power. It also offers plenty of 3D printing features that allow users to quickly take their designs from the web and send them directly to their printers. Objects designed in the platform can be rendered as fully 3D printable files, sent to the built-in slicer, and then sent directly to a user’s 3D printer. WeDesign.Live removes many of the headaches caused by modern 3D printing and almost entirely eliminates the need for separate compression and slicing software.3dp_wedesign_design_window

“Life is a journey from I to We. I’m proud to build a platform that will help millions of creatives collaborate and realize their 3D dreams – together,” said WeDesign CTO Sohail Siadat.

WeDesign.Live has just launched its alpha phase and is now looking for alpha testers willing to help them explore, improve and develop the WeDesign.Live form of play before it is released to the general public. An open beta version of WeDesign.Live is currently planned for March 2016, so it’s safe to say that all alpha testers will have a lot of influence on the version released to the general public. You can request to join the alpha testing team here and someone from WeDesign.Live will contact you directly. You can also find them on Twitteror send them general questions at [email protected]. Let us know what you think of the benefits of this new service and how they might apply to you in the WeDesign.Live Collaborative 3D Design forum on