Nano Dimension’s US Electronic 3D Printing Headquarters Moves to Massachusetts –

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Israeli headquarters of the leader in printed circuit boards (PCB) Nano dimension (Nasdaq: NNDM), which specializes in additively manufactured electronics (AME), micro-additive manufacturing, printed electronics (PE) and high performance electronic devices (Hi-PED). The company has now announced the opening of its new US headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts, located in the Boston metro area. This relocation to an area much closer to several strategic R&D institutions is part of Nano Dimension’s business plan.

“We are delighted to strengthen our presence in the national center for university research and technological innovation. Our multi-year growth initiative depends on our proximity to the institutions and consortia that are already – or will soon become – our customers,” explained Nano Dimension Chief Revenue Officer Sean Patterson, President of Nano Dimension USA.

As Hanan Gino, Purchasing Director and Head of Strategic M&A at Nano Dimension, told me, the company wants to “revolutionize the electronics industry.” The best way to do this is to partner up and acquire companies that can help him achieve this goal. Nano Dimension is working on a technology roadmap that will advance a new production model for 3D printed (and other) electronic devices through advanced materials, 3D printing, deep learning AI and technology integrated surface mount (SMT). The production model will enable smart, self-improving automation and greener, safer processes.

Nano Dimension is looking for companies in the development of materials, suppliers of equipment in its chosen sector and, as Gino said, “companies that will give us a presence in the right market”, as well as those with a complementary technology to its own AME solution. With the move of its US headquarters to the Boston area, the company is well positioned near academic and research institutions, such as Harvard, MIT and Boston University, which have already adopted its AME solutions, Micro-AM and PE. The new facility is also close to several R&D labs and other public and private universities, which means that Nano Dimension is also close to an extremely high-tech talent pool.

3D printing electronics.

3D printing electronics. Image courtesy of Nano Dimension.

“Even beyond the four strategic acquisitions made in the past year, we expect significant growth in our customer base and staff going forward. It is important for us to participate in the thriving professional and research ecosystem in the Massachusetts region,” said Patterson.

Nano Dimension’s new headquarters will include customer support and manufacturing facilities, which can be used to support its AME Academy events and other local organizations. The facility will also house increased sales operations. To help pave the way into its new home, Nano Dimension took on PCB market veteran Gene Howard Weiner, through his Massachusetts company Weiner International Associates, as a consultant. Additionally, the new head of AME standards in the company’s US headquarters is Dana Korf, principal consultant at Korf Consultancy.

Patterson said, “These are two personalities with immense technical knowledge and extensive experience in software, OEMs and electronics manufacturing. Their professional networks will allow us to take full advantage of emerging opportunities.

Nano Dimension will keep its marketing, sales support, NaNoS print services and logistics center open in Sunrise, Florida. The company plans to hold an official open house for its new Massachusetts office later this summer, though current and potential customers can come visit by appointment.