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The story of Jérôme Morin and his creativity is important, having an impact in many ways. He is a gentleman who understands the importance of posterity, memories, and holding his family close and dear, presenting them with delicious gifts that are meant to be treasured forever.

He is a deeply thoughtful artist and creator whose work encompasses intricate detail, personalization and meaning for those most privileged. What also matters is his age. At 80, Morin is breaking through the stereotypes that say those who aren’t part of the new high-tech generations can’t or won’t learn crazy new digital skills. While I can’t say that’s the case with most of the older generations in my family who dismiss the latest technology out of hand and say “leave that to the younger ones”, it’s safe to say that we are all duly inspired to see a multi-talented artist and individual of any age who is a role model for everyone – from grandchildren to your great-grandmother.

2014-miniatures-armchair-living-roomFor nearly three decades, Morin has been providing his family with impressive treats that showcase his talent as a designer. Passionate about design but also about miniatures, Morin is able to manufacture, finish and build gifts that he can offer to younger generations and that they can also pass on. My daughter has a dollhouse that belonged to my mother, then to my sister, then to my niece, and now belongs to her. It’s filled with amazing miniature furniture, ranging from a porcelain tub and toilet to handcrafted bunk beds with real little bedspreads. Not only does my little one have hours of imaginative fun with the dollhouse, but the gift imbues a special warmth and sense of comfort as it is a family heirloom. The pieces end up strewn all over our real home, and we all take extra care to put them back where they belong.

Also anxious not to disappoint, Morin decided this year to offer his grandson an entire living room, his own. Yes, in miniature. And this time, with 3D printing. Morin already had the basic skills needed for 3D design, so he knew what general direction he wanted to go in and what new technology he thought would work, but he needed guidance.

“I don’t know much about architecture, animation or AutoCAD software. But I knew I had to master the 3D modeling techniques perfectly to get the result I was hoping for, which would take a long time,” Morin said.

IMG_7891He turned to Sculpteo for a real collaboration in the making of his grandson’s gift. It’s no surprise that someone with such a creative mind has a living space decorated with lots of fine details. Reproducing them in miniature was indeed a challenge, but that’s obviously what Morin thrives on with his projects.

“My main concern when making my miniatures is smoothness and detail,” he said. “I had to choose between laser cutting and 3D printing.”

Because finish is so important in miniature making, Morin was drawn to the services Sculpteo provided on many levels, especially since he was able to work with one of their designers to turn his concept into reality. he envisioned with 3D printing.

Through images and brainstorming, Morin and the designers were able to create the 3D files. The ideas were brought to life at Sculpteo, where they used a polyamide material with SLS – and thanks to the precision of each lamination cycle with the nylon powder, the designers and production team were able to help Morin realize the details. delicates required for every miniature piece of furniture, from basic shapes to pieces like narrow chair legs. At Sculpteo, they used the following 3D printers to achieve their goals with printing the miniatures:

  • EOS Formiga P100
  • P110
  • P395
  • P730

This is just one example of Sculpteo doing its job – and doing it well, as a full-service 3D printing marketplace. Whether you’re designing and need help with 3D printing, or selling, it’s a world unto itself where you can certainly spend hours learning, conceptualizing, and even making a living from the hobby or small business. who excites you. Sculpteo offers instructional videos, tips, workshops and apps.


“Sculpteo gave me the perfect solution to create my miniaturized furniture,” said Morin.

Morin’s gift for his grandson puts a whole new spin on the idea of ​​making your own gift – and while there’s a whole world of thoughtful people out there who put some thought and heartfelt effort into their gifts for their loved ones, I think it’s safe to say that there are few grandchildren with a grandfather who has gone to such lengths on his own to give such a magnificent gift – one that transcends the holidays and should last a lifetime. and beyond, as it is passed on and enjoyed by grateful future generations.

Do you have experience creating miniatures with 3D printing? Why did you choose 3D printing, if so? Tell us about it on the 3D printed miniature living room forum on 3DPB.com.