OI Launches Improved 3D Design Platform to Improve Glass Packaging Quality


OI: EXPRESSIONS enables advanced stage design, combining the advantages of glass with agile, marketing-driven capability.

Innovation is made possible by digital printing, helping to create highly personalized and personalized glass packaging at flexible volume, industrial speeds and affordable value, with a range of colors and design possibilities.

OI said the new product will enable brands to be better equipped to meet growing consumer demand for personalized and ‘made-for-me’ products, by developing packaging to support short campaigns, such as seasonal promotions or limited / special editions to mark major events.

Additionally, OI: EXPRESSIONS is sustainable – uses organic inks, has no impact on glass recyclability, and helps reduce waste through reduced inventory.

A premium version of the service, OI: EXPRESSIONS RELIEF, will also offer brands the ability to use digitally printed tactile custom effects, such as embossing and colored embossing.

Vitaliano Torno, President of OI Europe said: “Europe accounts for 24% of the global personalized packaging market and at the same time, Europe is a central market for OI, so it is fitting that the first stop on our journey takes place here. We are seeing that the desire of individual retailers to offer unique promotions is gaining ground and brands are increasingly using personalized promotions to differentiate themselves. Running these types of programs requires rapid design and approval cycles with rapid execution. OI: EXPRESSIONS makes it all possible.


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