open source ESP32 3D printer controller

Manufacturers, hobbyists and 3D printing enthusiasts who want to upgrade their existing system may be interested in a new open source ESP32. 3d printer controller called the Phi 5LC motherboard which will soon be available for purchase on the Crowd Supply website. The 3D printer card includes built-in Ethernet and Wi-Fi and provides a web interface to set up and control your printer, download G-code files, and start and monitor your prints.

Open source ESP32 3D printer controller

Even though Phi’s feature set is intended for 3D printers, it can also be used to drive other digital manufacturing machines, such as CNC machines.

“The ESP32-S3-WROOM-1 is an Espressif module with an Xtensa dual core 240 MHz microprocessor, 8MB of flash, 512KB of SRAM and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. This processor manages networking and various interfaces: USB, SD card slots, graphic displays, etc. The SAME51 is a Microchip microcontroller with 120 MHz Cortex-M4F, 512K flash and 192K SRAM. This processor manages kinematics, stepping, digital and analog I / O, and other real-time machine controls. On the other controller boards, a single processor manages everything.

“Phi uses RepRapFirmware, a firmware that has a huge legacy in the 3D printing world and is known to have introduced many advancements. It supports most of the machine’s kinematics. More importantly, this means there is no need to rebuild when setting up Phi for your machine. Most of the firmware settings, especially those related to kinematics, are configured using G-Code, so you can even make changes on the fly!

“In addition to its powerful brain and flexible network connectivity, Phi is a complete controller board. It is built on a 123mm x 100mm quad-layer board with two-ounce copper outer layers for better heat dissipation from stepper drivers and power MOSFETs. “

For more information on the ESP32 open source Phi Mainboard 5LC 3D printer controller before it is available for purchase on Crowd Supply, go to the official product page by following the link below.

Source : Crowd supply

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