Optitex Unveils 3D Design Illustrator for Apparel

The specialist in 3D EFI Optitex digital design software has developed a new plug-in tool for clothing designers that will allow them to validate and personalize 3D clothes in Adobe Illustrator.

Optitex 3D Design Illustrator works via a PC or Mac and allows designers to view 3D clothes with precise proportions and scaling, and personalize the fabric, texture, printing patterns and graphic placement of the garment without waiting for a printed sample.

The plugin works by importing 2D and 3D pattern files or building block libraries into Adobe Illustrator and activating a window with a side-by-side 3D representation of the pattern. Users can export the final file as an image or 3D file, validate designs between teams, and send directly for digital or sublimation printing.

“3D adoption is already a necessity for almost all prosperous fashion companies, and in this space, it is important to set up all the teams, from design to production,” said the main director of EFI Optitex, Guy Alroy. “Now entire teams can enable 3D capabilities to streamline entire design to print workflows, let them focus on creativity, reduce physical prototypes and get to market faster than before.”

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