Materialize has signed an agreement with the largest manufacturing company in Europe, Siemens. This important deal will see the Belgian company integrate its 3D printing software with Siemens’ industrial user base. The agreement is with Siemens’ Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software arm and will focus on creating a process thatRead More →

[ad_1] Moderatorfactory, the world’s largest curated download platform for free 3D printable models, and the sister site of the 3D printer reseller iMakr, launched a 3D design and printing competition this week, with Wild Brain, a leading creator of preschool and kids’ entertainment content on platforms such as Youtube andRead More →

[ad_1] In my day, cart wheels and vague dinosaur shapes were considered the pinnacle of sophisticated pasta shapes. I never imagined three-dimensional roses and cratered moons, but that’s what technology does: make things cooler. It also does a lot of other things, of course, like saving lives, but you can’tRead More →

3D printing and software company Autodesk certainly wears many hats: virtual reality innovator, slicing parameter expert, impactful investor, helpful volunteer… the list goes on. Today they begin a new journey, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MIMOS Berhad, to promote 3D design technologies and talents across Malaysia. Autodesk andRead More →

[ad_1] A few weeks ago, a sneaky Twitter user revealed that Microsoft was planning to update its decades-old Paint app with several new features, including 3D design capabilities. When word got out, several people speculated that Microsoft could make the official announcement at an event in New York City laterRead More →

[ad_1] Future Manufacturing: Joris Laarman Breaks New Frontiers in 3D Printed Design Earlier this year, Friedman Benda presented a survey of Dutch designer Joris Laarman’s research into digital manufacturing. Shown in the gallery’s mega-booth at Design Miami / Basel, the retrospective showcased large-scale drawings by Laarman that pushed the boundariesRead More →

[ad_1] Few months ago, CGTrader has taken a significant step forward by officially becoming the world’s largest marketplace for 3D models. An impressive achievement indeed, considering the number of online 3D marketplaces, but CGTrader has always been a favorite for many reasons. One of those reasons is the contests theyRead More →

Small and medium-sized businesses, wherever they are, benefit greatly from a wider network to provide them with support and resources, especially in a hostile environment for startups. In 2011, the India SME Forum was established with the aim of recognizing and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, many of which areRead More →

[ad_1] 3D design software manufacturer Dassault Systèmes has long been known for its SOLID WORKS software, a platform so big and so vast that it has its own three day conference is dedicated to him. Their 3DEXPERIENCE platform, however, is not small potatoes. As businesses increasingly integrate 3D printing intoRead More →

As the number of real-world applications involving the use of 3D design and 3D printing continues to grow, so does the need to educate the world, especially younger generations, about the ins and outs and the outs of 3D technology. Educational fields involving science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) areRead More →

OAKVILLE, ON–(Marketwired – April 07, 2016) – The 3D design and 3D printing specialists at Javelin Technologies discover everything they have in common with the Canadian athlete they are now sponsoring, other than the fact that she throws the “javelin”. That athlete is Liz Gleadle, Canada’s top javelin thrower andRead More →

3D modeling applications tend to look like extremely complex engineering tools. Well, that’s because, for the most part, they are! However, a New York-based startup, The Inventery, has now released a user-friendly and responsive touchscreen 3D modeling app designed for iPads called Morphi. Using out-of-the-box shapes, models and modification tools,Read More →

March 25, 2016, USA: 3D technology fever is booming these days with almost every segment opting for this technology. The newest entry on the list is the pharmaceutical industry. So far, a company called Aprecia Pharamceuticals has produced the only 3D-printed drug to be FDA-approved. This week, Aprecia also becomesRead More →

ORLANDO, Florida, March 1, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — SME and its RAPID event worked with Lockheed Martin, FARO Technologies, Inc., Direct Dimensions, Inc., Met-L-Flo, Inc., Florida Institute of Technology and Cincinnati Inc. to take the first-ever 3D scan of the Orion Crew Module, which will later be 3D printed in small-scaleRead More →

February 24, 2016 | By Benoît Monolith, a voxel modeling software acquired by Autodesk for 3D printable designs, released a update. New features include a volumetric ray scattering algorithm, UVW texture mapping, and a plug-in for Grasshopper. Originally developed by Panagiotis Michalatos, assistant professor of architecture at the Harvard SchoolRead More →

The love of the sci-fi genre can last a lifetime, with many fans beginning their avowed obsessions as early as kindergarten and elementary school. This obsession is not only harmless, it can be very educational, as young people begin to learn about science and technology with an imagination bolstered byRead More →

[Image: York Archaeological Trust] When you think of archeology, you imagine diligent and extremely patient Indiana Jones types hunched over cordoned-off patches of dirt, cleaning the dirt almost grain by grain with tiny brushes. Today, archaeologists have added another indispensable tool to their kits: 3D technology. 3D scanning and modelingRead More →

3D Systems to Showcase Advanced 3D Technology as Platinum Sponsor at SOLIDWORKS World 2016 Demonstrations of end-to-end solutions, from software and 3D printers to on-demand part manufacturing services Presentation of the software in small groups to discuss “Designing additive manufacturing for production” ROCK HILL, South Carolina, Jan. 26, 2016 (GLOBERead More →

LUXeXceL is a company built on innovation – and within their optical industry, they are the only revolutionary team providing 3D printing service for fully transparent and optically functional products. With its patented Printoptical technology, Netherlands-based LUXeXceL is a prime example of how 3D printing is transforming specific industries, allowingRead More →

This week kicks off the second annual National White House Manufacturing Week, and as President Obama calls for the creation of a Nation of Makers, companies like Autodesk aren’t shy about doing their part. go. Autodesk, whose 3D design software is used in thousands of schools and maker communities nationwide,Read More →

Lynda Mann and Allen O. Cage are co-founders of the YouthQuest Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Chantilly, Va., created to provide opportunities for at-risk youth, especially high school dropouts . The Foundation focuses on academic and professional development and the teaching of fundamental life skills. Now, YouthQuest has createdRead More →

Inside 3D Printing and Fast Company are allowing 3D printing challengers to participate in this year’s Innovation By Design Awards competition. Entries will be judged on: Functionality Originality Beauty Durability Depth Cultural impact Business impact The idea is, obviously, to impress the judges with 3D design innovation, but they’re alsoRead More →

First place winner Ekaterina Gapeeva For a glimpse into the future of footwear, take a look at the winning entries – and impressive finalists – from Delcam CRISPIN and’s Global Shoe Design Competition, which was announced in October. . Delcam CRISPIN, the world’s largest provider of CAD/CAM software forRead More →

Traditional wheelchairs are wonderful for people who need them, providing independence for those who have limitations on their personal mobility for a number of reasons. Still, they have design flaws that could improve functionality and usability, especially for users in urban settings. As with many awesome ideas using the latestRead More →

Despite considerable progress, one of the biggest obstacles to the widespread adoption of 3D printing is the skill required to develop complete 3D printable models on your own. If you have a degree in design or engineering, 3D modeling probably doesn’t stand in the way of your 3D printing aspirations.Read More →

ROD | Characteristics Eighth graders create a device for a student with a disability using 3D design software and 3D printing It all started when Arlington, VA resident Aneesh Chopra, the first US Chief Technology Officer appointed by President Barack Obama, tweeted at Carl Bass, Autodesk’s President and CEO. LessRead More →